At a restaurant

Yesterday I went to a local restaurant. I rarely go to such places unless I am desperate to use a restroom and can’t find one anyplace else. After a two-hour bus ride I usually have a favorite coffee place I stop at (I even know exactly where they keep the bathroom key!). But restaurants I don’t ever go to. Yesterday I decided to try one out.

I figured I would order “salad” since pizza is off my list. I can’t have pizza due to the salt content. I was surprised at the low price and large size of the salad. It was also decent quality. I was not able to eat the olives nor the croutons, of course, and I decided the dressing might also have salt in it, so I had them put it on the side.

I sat there with my notebook but really it wasn’t worth it at all. It would have been fine, but the place was not heated adequately. I suspect that the issue was that the place was heated for the “help” behind the counter who were adjacent to ovens and grills, and not adequately for the customers.  It was so cold that the nearby elders who were seated at what appeared to be the warmest table there all had their jackets on, and two of them had winter hats on while they ate and conversed.

I was so cold I was forced to leave. I was miserable walking home and finally, upon arrival back here, had to turn the heat way up to satisfy the chill I had developed. My feet were so cold in that place that they hurt.

I know now why I never go to restaurants. Going to a restaurant is rarely worth the price nor the trouble. It is so much easier making my own food here at home. Maybe I will try another place some other time and order some cheap dish just to sample the locale, but I think I will not go back to the place I tried last night.

I am saddened that so many people don’t know how to cook their own food. They don’t even want to learn! They insist on ordering “take out” and then, complain that they are broke. Their idea of “eating well” is going to a good restaurant. I don’t get it! Why not cook at home and pay about 1/10th of what you pay when you go out? Why not enjoy the privacy of home? Why not have control over what ends up in your food?

Oh well. I suppose again it’s a matter of “values” and I should not judge. I should just keep my mouth shut, right?

I do understand if a person wants to go out to avoid being alone, or needs to leave their home to warm up or cool off if they can’t afford to make their home comfortable. It seems understandable that a person might want to go out to avoid “bad roommates” or avoid one’s spouse if you aren’t getting along. Or…come to think of it…there was a while that I had to go out whenever my neighbors started fighting.

Still, if I had a choice I would cook my own food. This would be the more desirable option. For me.

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