Does Downtown Ambridge really need to be revamped, or….

I just read in the Beaver County Times Online that Ambridge Borough is taking bids for an overhaul of Merchant Street, which is the main street of the borough. I see that what they have planned is to re-do the street lamps, the sidewalks, and make the trees look fancy.

Since when is this what the people of Ambridge really need and want? Do they really need fancy street lights? Is this going to help people? Apparently they plan to dig up the electric wiring poles (these were once called telephone poles) and put in new ones?

What will happen? If you’ve been following what has been going on in Ambridge the past ten years or so, then you know what happened when Columbia Gas decided they wanted to re-do the pipes in the downtown area. They dug. And dug. What now?

They dug up the local rats’ natural habitat. The rats had no place to live. So they took up residence, that is, co-habitated with local Ambridge human residents. And there they’ve been happily residing ever since. I’m not sure the humans are all that thrilled.

The digging, that I personally witnessed, was around Melrose Ave and near Duss Ave.

If anyone out there thinks you can live with rats…Well, you likely could if they lived in your barn. If they live in your house they cause a fire hazard because they can chew into your wires. Secondly, they can even chew into concrete and chew holes into the walls, doors, fixtures, etc. You will likely find droppings in the corners of your home and you might hear scampering sounds at night. You might see them crawling around in your trash or running from one corner of your home to another. They cannot climb very well, but the males carry a scent that’s rather nasty. You won’t like it if it’s all over your house.

Do rats bite? Not ordinarily but if they are rabid, they will get aggressive. I have not heard of rabies around here, but if it ever comes this way there’s going to be a serious problem and the whole borough will have to evacuate.

Does Ambridge really need fancy street lights and tree landscaping? Doing this construction  is only going to worsen the rat problem. In fact, they’re planning to do this work between 4th and 8th, right where the rats are the worst. I say, POOR PLANNING, but then again, who is doing this planning? Not residents of Ambridge, certainly. And who is going to profit? Not residents of Ambridge, either.

I don’t think Ambridge residents, that is, those that actually live there, should be used as cash cows like this. The borough needs proper extermination so families and children can have better quality of life. I think it’s going to take a lot of effort to do proper cleanup. I am not sure if, or when, the issue will be addressed.

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