Ross Park Mall…If you can stand malls they might be hiring

Just sayin….if you can tolerate the mall muzak you might be able to find a job over there. I think the Ross Park Mall is on the 13 and 8 bus lines of the PAT System. Unless I am mixing it up with another shopping center. That’s where they closed the Sears store.

I’m thinking also there might be work at some point when they get done taking down the old mall at Northern Lights. I hear Northern Lights has become somewhat of a joke since no one has been shopping there for ages. Walmart still stands, and I assume the Giant Eagle is also still there. But Northern Lights as a shopping mall is being taken down, that is, demolished. So I hear. I am not sure who is buying the space. I bet something new will be put up, meaning we might see some jobs. For a change. Maybe.

It is tiring indeed knowing that for all those jobs advertised out there, 500 people are applying for one $8-an-hour position. Competition is tough, folks. Don’t miss a day of work, don’t complain either, or dare mention fairness, or you will be replaced. Fast.

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