Do “Essential Oils” actually do anything?

I’m fairly sure “essential oils” are overpriced, useless placebos overall. They might be useful for candle-making or producing incense or scented packets you put into your drawers to make you clothes reek. As for “healing,” I doubt it. I highly doubt that putting lavender oil on your pillow will put you to sleep or do a darned thing to put your baby to sleep. It will sell more baby products and raises the price of baby powder just fine, though! It might calm down Mom and make her think the baby will cry less, so much more money into the pockets of Johnson & Johnson!

I have heard you can use peppermint oil for a deodorant. Do you have to buy Do’Terra? No. I imagine any peppermint oil will work just as well as any other.

I have heard people rave over CBD oil. I tried it and I wondered what the hype was. I tried infusing it, putting it into an oil burner, putting it on my skin, putting it under my nose, just about everything I could think of that was suggested in the various forums and I found it had no effect on me. I realized that no  way was it going to unless I ingested it. But wasn’t that a no-no?

I think you can indeed ingest the stuff. Don’t tell anyone I told you this! Try diluting it with sesame oil, the kind of sesame oil you might use for a massage. Use 1 oz sesame oil and put that into a jar. Now (if I recall correctly exactly what I did….) add 10 drops of CBD oil. Mix that together by shaking the jar. Now, using a medicine dropper, drop about three drops of this diluted mixture under your tongue.

That might help you sleep. Let me know how that goes. This is legal all through the USA. You can get CBD oil shipped to your home, wherever you live. You do not need to be a licensed medical marijuana user. Please do not do this if you are under 18. Or ask your parents first. And think good and hard on it since a bottle of this stuff is costly.

Feedback and comments welcome!