DaDaABC…from bad to worse

I am subscribed to DaDaABC on Glassdoor and have also received feedback privately from people who have worked for them. My opinion of this company is moving very rapidly from BAD to WORSE. It looks like this is another company that has paid employees to post positive reviews on Glassdoor.  One employee states that the company offered each employee $10 to post a positive review. Many employees have cited silencing on their Facebook page and said that the company makes it impossible to publicly complain about issues there nor bring any grievances into public discussion.

There are numerous complaints about not being paid. Many complain about large decreases in pay for minor infractions. Some state they were not paid at all for the month or even charged large “fines.” One person stated that to obtain his/her pay, a large “fee” had to be paid to the company just to receive a paycheck. Employees stated they had to pay for training or spent many hours off the clock doing homework or evaluations.

The company states that a teacher will get a bonus if the teacher writes the evaluations within 24 hours. However, one employee stated that if the evaluations are not done, the entire class work was unpaid. No pay at all.

This is possible, since the company validates they pay a bonus if the employee does the extra, unpaid work, but they do not say what will happen if the unpaid evaluations aren’t done within the 24-hour time limit!

This company seems to be so dishonest I am awfully glad I didn’t go any further with them. People are saying they would rather work for VIPKid or QKids. I see many YouTubes up there praising the company, but undoubtedly many of these YouTubers are paid, and paid well to do what they do.

Meanwhile, in my job search I found a job that’s an obvious scam listed in a job listing that promised “no scams.” I reported the listing. The job popped up again. I reported the listing a second time. This time, the job listing company replied back to me thanking me and said they were launching an investigation. Finally.

I also reported to Glassdoor a company that had emailed me that I knew was a job scam. They had over 50 glowing Glassdoor reviews that were clearly faked, many even written by non-native English speakers. Does Glassdoor check the IP addresses of these folks?

I’ll let you know what these were in a while. I don’t want to get caught at this, just in case.


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