How can you tell you are “chatting” with a bot?

Artificial Intelligence has gotten quite intelligent lately in its ability to mimic real people. However, it’s still quite obvious when you are chatting with a bot in most circumstances. How many times is it going to ask “What is your name?” for instance? Many of these bots exist for one purpose only: DATA MINING.

They exist to gather YOUR information, under the guise of being “helpful.” Yeah, the “help” bot that isn’t exactly “helpful.” The phony help chat on the side of the screen that says, “LIVE HELP” but it isn’t truly live. It’s a bot.

They’ve gotten super clever. If you ask, “Are you a bot?”….well, don’t. They’ve got presets for that. “I can assure you I am not a bot,” she replies. Her name is Amanda or Julie. Why did they muck up my name like that?

I have figured out how to fake out a bot, though. Try this. “Goodbye.” Put that as a one-word sentence in your response. You will get the following back from the bot:

“Have a nice day.”

This is the instant auto-response no matter when or where you say “Goodbye.” Try it next time, and let me know if it works.

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