Association bias: What happens when an administrator gets in trouble?

Here is the article I am discussing:

Do you hear the biases in some of the statements made by coworkers of the administrators who are under arrest? “I’ve known him for years. This is unbelievable…” etc. We know the person. “Such a nice guy.” Or, perhaps, “He’s just like me.”

Many people don’t like hearing that someone who doesn’t fit the “criminal” profile actually is a crook. It jars many people to the core because it goes against everything they’ve been taught. They learned that crooks “look” bad, they talk bad, they act bad, they take drugs and talk back to cops. They are gang members who keep night hours and talk in secret code, and whenever we see them, the entire scene before us, including the ground or floor underneath, is slanted sideways.  While of course it’s a camera trick to scare us, we wonder how their stolen money, coins and all, doesn’t go flying off their tables as they count it, while they cackle through the night. Let’s not forget, too, that in their closets they keep a stash of Kryptonite. Just in case.

Now those are the “bad guys.” Certainly not an assistant principal. Of course not. A teacher or admin could not possibly do wrong. They are The Authority.

Apparently this was at the heart of the problem. From the looks of things this sub was getting away with this for a very long time before anything was done. It looks like they knew. Firing him and shoving it under the rug was not okay. Something more needed to be done. Why the silence?

What do you guys think? Looks like they were covering each others’ butts at the expense of the children they were pretending to protect.


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