More bad advice

Here is some really bad advice by yet one more naive and ignorant person. I can’t believe published this.

I can’t comment because doing so requires a Facebook account.

If you earn money on the side, you have to report your income. If you work full-time it’s very serious if you don’t report. If you get caught (many do) you can get nailed for disability fraud. This is a criminal offense.

If you report, you will likely lose part of your benefits including SSI and any medical insurance you had. The commenters are right that anyone genuinely disabled does require medical care. Where’s that supposed to come from? I know a few people who had to buy crutches and wheelchairs off of Craigslist. Truth is, if you are severely mobility-affected you actually have to be fitted for a wheelchair. They are custom made. Some people need surgery, too.

And also, if you can indeed work full-time since when are you LEGALLY disabled? Get off of the payments altogether! But I suspect the writer of this article has no clue. She thinks that “typing” will get you a job. Nope. If that was true I would be very wealthy. What century does she live in?

I do know a few who work part-time, at high-paying jobs that they could easily support themselves on, and still collect payments. I kinda don’t get that. I suspect they identify as disabled just for the extra 600 a month “bonus money.” Yes, it stinks. It stinks for the rest of us who can’t find work.


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