Looks like psych drugs again!

Apparently police in Mt Lebanon, PA, which is part of the South Side of Pittsburgh (kinda) are trying to identify a guy who ran naked through the streets around the Mt Lebanon area. This is a hilly area due to the rivers carving through the land around there (in case you are interested in geology). I believe our light rail serves Mt Lebanon also. I have not been there very often. Mt Lebanon is part of Allegheny County.

This is described as a “bizarre incident.” However, it sounds to me like he was under the influence of chemicals. He was running naked in the street. On Thursday it was fairly warm out, warm enough to run naked rather comfortably. However, he wasn’t doing this as part of an official organized sporting event, sorry to say. Such events do exist, I hear, or did, in California. I am not sure if the event still exists.

Running naked in the street isn’t quite socially acceptable in most locales except perhaps on an officially sanctioned nudist colony, or nudist retreat, or so I hear. I hear people have to get permits for those. I hear that if you are otherwise naked in public, it’s illegal to varying degrees. I believe it depends on who sees you. How close are you to a school, and what, exactly, do you do while naked?

If you strip naked while on a psych ward, they’ll either ignore you or yell at you and tell you to cover yourself. Or drug you or restrain you. I have seen all of the above. Also, it’s highly likely that the staff could, without notice, forcefully remove your clothing and not even provide a blanket to cover you. I have seen them walk away from “quiet rooms” with clothing.  My guess is that they do about the same in prisons. Sometimes.

I have heard many stories about people who get drunk and are so incapacitated that they cannot possibly understand the difference between clothed and naked. Or they take their clothes off because they threw up on themselves. I have also known people who were made confused by drugs. They reported to me (on the ward, later) that they went outside without clothing on and the police picked them up.  This can also happen during a deliberate drug overdose. The incoherence, that is, total loss of ability to think straight, is one reason why overdoses fail so often.

This guy must have been very frightened indeed. It sounds like he climbed a church tower and then, jumped from it. This sounds like sheer terror to me. Whatever was going on, he was darned scared.

He fell 50 feet and is badly injured.

Wanna make a bet? Under the influence. I really hope they don’t treat him like a criminal.




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