Flu bug just won’t go away

It is warm out and I am shivering cold. I was out with Puzzle and I saw many others enjoying the warm day. I felt embarrassed to have to wear winter gloves. I was still chilled. I came back in quickly and have now raised the heat insanely high. Good thing I do not have “stingy landlord.” Or like the place I had before, when I ended up depending on the neighbors to decide when the heat would be on…or off. I hope that opening the windows helps a little. The fever seems to be back but it is not bad and I have many wads of tissues sitting here on my desk and more wads right by my bed from last night.

As patients we were sometimes even denied tissues. I remember that. Or if we asked for them we got called “crybabies.” We never got to ask for more heat. Forget that. We might get a blanket, with the insulting questioning, “Are you going to harm yourself with it?” (no, I am FREEZING!) but if we complained we were told we were “disordered.” “You want a blanket? That’s Ed talking.”

Another way to say, “Hey, the unit has run out of blankets.” Why were they never honest and always blamed some fictional Devil-character instead?

There is nothing like cuddling up with my dog. Nothing. We wrap ourselves in one big quilted blanket from Goodwill and stay that way for a while.

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