More shootings

I have heard of two more shootings. This now seems to be a daily occurrence. One was at the YouTube headquarters in the Bay Area near San Francisco. The other one I just found out about happened on Rebecca Drive near me in Pittsburgh.

You likely heard that the YouTube shooter was female. I have not read about that shooter but so far all I know is that she knew at least one of the victims. Please keep your eyes peeled for any mention of drugging. The news will not last long before it is silenced.

As for the shooting here locally, the locale is within city limits but I’d call it remote and not a location that is easily reached in an emergency, say, by police or ambulance. If you check on a map, you’ll see the location is right off the highway, on one hand, but has limited accessibility. This makes the property values higher since homeowners know the neighborhood won’t get much traffic beyond having to put up with Parkway noise (if they can hear). The locale is north of West View and not far from the east end of Camp Horne Road. I note the properties are not the typical Carnegie-style large homes with high ceilings you see in Pittsburgh. They look more recently built than that. I’m guessing a developer bought chunks of property in that area and built a number of homes on the land at the same time, then, sold each of them at a decent profit. The area resembles another area I have seen that I believe was developed similarly.  The neighborhood is not served by the bus system, interestingly, unless the Butler County system drops people off near there.

Either way, I don’t think they know much at this point about the shooting. The shooter is not alive to tell us.

I heard popping in my own neighborhood a couple of days ago. I didn’t worry because popping noises can be anything at all. For all I know, someone was hammering. Or fixing a garage door. I did not hear sirens afterward.

6 thoughts on “More shootings”

    1. I just heard that she was pissed at YouTube because YouTube decided her videos were a TOS violation and took them down. I kinda don’t buy this version, though. Your version sounds more like a real motive. Who knows…..

      1. A lot of people have been unfairly treated by Youtube/Google/Facebook/etc. and are really ticked. Once in a while someone gets super angry.

        Anger is the usual motive for murder.

        1. I don’t know, it doesn’t sound like David Carmichael was angry, from his description. He was convinced he was doing the “right thing” by murdering his son. SSRI-induced delusion isn’t from anger. It’s from a pill. His insight is amazing, if you read his article. We’re seeing more and more of that type of murder, as the drugs are getting more commonplace. I’m not convinced the story about the YouTuber is the real motive.

        2. We just heard the murder here in Pgh was alcohol-related. Sadly, the guy he killed had tried many times to help him, including bailing him out of jail. He had several DUI’s on record. Forensics determined it was a murder-suicide, that the guy turned his gun on himself. This would not be hard to determine. You just check which type of bullet ended up where.

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