MoveOn, Color of Change, have you two gotten illogical?

Here is the link, which I found via an email from these guys today:

Do you folks see the lack of logic here? I see holes somehow. I cannot connect the dots.

They want to end racism, right? They want to end fear. They state that Facebook is not safe due to collection of data, yet they are demanding more collection of data to ensure “white supremacy” is off Facebook. Which will it be? Spying, or no spying? You cannot have it both ways. Collect data, or bug off.

Sounds like they’re saying Facebook users need a babysitter. That’s right. Babysitter. A babysitter to stop users from acting like babies. Then again, babies are cute. Who doesn’t like a pic of a baby?

Which is it going to be? Spy more? They’ll complain! Spy less? They’ll complain. Hey MoveOn, get a life.

I think they’ll do anything to send out an email to folks asking for donations.

Did you guys even know Color of Change and MoveOn were arm in arm? I do not trust MoveOn. They seem like fake liberals to me.

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