At a restaurant

Yesterday I went to a local restaurant. I rarely go to such places unless I am desperate to use a restroom and can’t find one anyplace else. After a two-hour bus ride I usually have a favorite coffee place I stop at (I even know exactly where they keep the bathroom key!). But restaurants I don’t ever go to. Yesterday I decided to try one out.

I figured I would order “salad” since pizza is off my list. I can’t have pizza due to the salt content. I was surprised at the low price and large size of the salad. It was also decent quality. I was not able to eat the olives nor the croutons, of course, and I decided the dressing might also have salt in it, so I had them put it on the side.

I sat there with my notebook but really it wasn’t worth it at all. It would have been fine, but the place was not heated adequately. I suspect that the issue was that the place was heated for the “help” behind the counter who were adjacent to ovens and grills, and not adequately for the customers.  It was so cold that the nearby elders who were seated at what appeared to be the warmest table there all had their jackets on, and two of them had winter hats on while they ate and conversed.

I was so cold I was forced to leave. I was miserable walking home and finally, upon arrival back here, had to turn the heat way up to satisfy the chill I had developed. My feet were so cold in that place that they hurt.

I know now why I never go to restaurants. Going to a restaurant is rarely worth the price nor the trouble. It is so much easier making my own food here at home. Maybe I will try another place some other time and order some cheap dish just to sample the locale, but I think I will not go back to the place I tried last night.

I am saddened that so many people don’t know how to cook their own food. They don’t even want to learn! They insist on ordering “take out” and then, complain that they are broke. Their idea of “eating well” is going to a good restaurant. I don’t get it! Why not cook at home and pay about 1/10th of what you pay when you go out? Why not enjoy the privacy of home? Why not have control over what ends up in your food?

Oh well. I suppose again it’s a matter of “values” and I should not judge. I should just keep my mouth shut, right?

I do understand if a person wants to go out to avoid being alone, or needs to leave their home to warm up or cool off if they can’t afford to make their home comfortable. It seems understandable that a person might want to go out to avoid “bad roommates” or avoid one’s spouse if you aren’t getting along. Or…come to think of it…there was a while that I had to go out whenever my neighbors started fighting.

Still, if I had a choice I would cook my own food. This would be the more desirable option. For me.

Don’t move to West Mifflin, PA

If you have ever considered relocating to West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, here is why you should not move there. I know there are jobs there because there are a few office parks located in West Mifflin. I would not want to live there, though, and here is why…..

KENNYWOOD! Kennywood is a huge “amusement park.” You might think, “Oh, that’ll be great for the kids.” It will not.

You might think it’s great if you go there once. You will not think it’s great after the third time. I promise.

If you live within two miles of Kennywood, you will learn to hate Kennywood with a passion. I can’t imagine anyone likes it there unless they are completely and utterly deaf.

I lived about half a block from a small amusement park in South America. It was hell all summer. I could not live there. I felt like tearing my hair out from the loud noise I had to put up with. Not only that but there was no public library nor one single QUIET cafe to escape to, and no one there took pity on me enough to rent their garage out so I could escape the loud amusement park noise.

Later, after I moved to the other end of town to get away from that godawful noise, friends told me they could hear the amusement park even seven or eight blocks away during the summer. That park started up at 4pm daily and ran till 4am in the morning. I hated it so bad……

Not only that, but homes in Uruguay were not insulated. Insulation keeps out the noise. It was HELL. Hell on earth listening to that. I can’t even think about it without feeling terrible.

Don’t move to West Mifflin! I cannot imagine it’s at all quiet there. Even a few miles away you’ll hear screaming tourists driving to and from that noisy amusement park, blasting their stereos. Ugh.

Unless, of course, you love noise…in that case, none of this applies. I suppose some people just don’t care or are deaf or listen to headphones all the time or blast their TV’s or all of the above. What a life.

Murder-suicide steeped in jealousy and affluence: But read her social media posts…psych drugs? Likely again….

I just picked this up in my news feed.

Folks, read down. Note that Jennair Gerardot pleads on Nextdoor (or possibly other social media) for a divorce attorney OR marriage counselor, but ALSO states the following:

“We will need someone who is very educated and experienced dealing with couples issues including infidelity, depression, traumatic experiences, child/parent dynamics, being accountable for actions, etc.”

There is no mention in the article that the couple had children, so I don’t believe they did. Child/parent issues likely refers to Jennair’s own parent/child issues, her own traumatic experiences, and her own depression.

I ask if she was receiving “treatment” for this depression and if so, did it involve SSRI drugs? How recently was she prescribed these drugs? Her husband likely wasn’t even aware of who she was “seeing” because their marriage was on the rocks, right?  However, there’s likely to be an investigation and maybe we’ll find out about prescriptions she filled. If so, we may have a piece of this puzzle solved right here and now.

I would also expect the following to happen: As soon as the discovery is made that Jennair Gerardot was seeing a psychiatrist or prescribed drugs, any media coverage of her consumption of psych drugs is likely to be suppressed as fast as possible. Whoever prescribed the drugs will claim “HIPAA keeps him/her from saying anything.” Or, possibly, we will see this practitioner suddenly going on extended leave abroad, or move his/her practice to another state where he had been quietly keeping a second license in case this sort of thing ever occurred.

Wait and see.

Ross Park Mall…If you can stand malls they might be hiring

Just sayin….if you can tolerate the mall muzak you might be able to find a job over there. I think the Ross Park Mall is on the 13 and 8 bus lines of the PAT System. Unless I am mixing it up with another shopping center. That’s where they closed the Sears store.

I’m thinking also there might be work at some point when they get done taking down the old mall at Northern Lights. I hear Northern Lights has become somewhat of a joke since no one has been shopping there for ages. Walmart still stands, and I assume the Giant Eagle is also still there. But Northern Lights as a shopping mall is being taken down, that is, demolished. So I hear. I am not sure who is buying the space. I bet something new will be put up, meaning we might see some jobs. For a change. Maybe.

It is tiring indeed knowing that for all those jobs advertised out there, 500 people are applying for one $8-an-hour position. Competition is tough, folks. Don’t miss a day of work, don’t complain either, or dare mention fairness, or you will be replaced. Fast.

Household hints they never taught us in the nuthouse

They don’t teach anything practical on the wards because they don’t want us to survive on our own. The object is to prevent self-sufficiency so we “patients” will go running back to the staff again and again. Think about what they teach us and you realize just how useless their “skills” are in the real world:

“Hold onto a frozen orange when you can’t cope.” How useful is this? If you are making toast and the toast burns and your smoke alarm goes off, holding onto a frozen orange is going to be very useful! You could also try their other useful coping skills, such as taking a PRN or calling your therapist or snapping an elastic band on your wrist over and over or how about “affirmations”?

All kidding aside, here are today’s Household Hints:

How to keep the garbage from stinking: They do not teach us this on the wards. Here’s how. First of all, empty your kitchen trash regularly. Not when it is overflowing and not once in a Blue Moon. If it helps, do it on a certain day of the week or discipline yourself to empty the trash when it gets up to a certain level. Make this a habit.

Secondly, when you have a chance, think over what you are using for a receptacle in the kitchen. Different types of receptacles work for different people and there’s no “best type.” Do you have children? Do you have pets? Are you tall or are you short like me? Do you need something under a table or under the sink? Go take a peek at what other people are using. Try these out for yourself. Especially try opening and closing the lid.  If you have pets you want to make sure your pet can’t break in. You would be surprised at what you can find at a very low price or free, trash receptacles that in my opinion surpass the fancy ones that cost a fortune. You also want something that can be easily cleaned.

(Have you ever purchased “bargain” trash liners that were junk? Bet you have. They won’t open or they spring a leak too easily.  Don’t buy them again. They didn’t teach us this in the nuthouse.)

After emptying the trash, you want to clean the receptacle, especially the lid. I use hydrogen peroxide for this. Sometimes there’s grease on the top of the lid or on the handle where I have touched it. Some people use Pine Sol for the inside of the trash barrel. Be sure to dry it out before putting a new liner in.

An easy way to prevent odors is to put about 1 TBSP Baking Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda) into the liner. I would not put the baking soda under the liner, but inside the liner itself. Just spoon it in, on the bottom after you put the fresh liner on. Now the baking soda will absorb odors as you start to fill the trash up.

I do not put food garbage into the kitchen trash. Mostly not. Anything that is going to seriously reek goes into the freezer instead. Also, I put chicken bones or anything unsafe for Puzzle into the freezer instead of the trash. I collect this “contraband” in a container in the freezer until I am ready to take things outside. Then, I transfer freezer contraband into a bag and take that directly outside and ensure it is collected and not raided by critters. Where I am living now they’ve devised rather cool barrels that tend not to be raided, but I have seen a few tipped over on windy days.

How to clean your sink, fixtures, dirty walls, etc: They don’t teach us this on the wards either. If you rent you might find that you’ve got dirt in your place from the last ten tenants. I found greasy drips on my walls that I knew weren’t from my cooking! I found I was able to get these drip marks off easily with hydrogen peroxide. Use a tissue because tissues are soft and won’t scratch your walls. I don’t think peroxide will dissolve most paints unless your paint is really old or already chipping, but to be sure, try it in an inconspicuous area. I have managed to get all the old grease drips off of my kitchen walls this way.

Peroxide is great on stovetops and fixtures such as sinks and faucets. The back of your sink, that nasty part you don’t want to think about will clean up in a jiffy with peroxide. I would use a paper towel here. You’ll need several. Dribble peroxide on the back area there, where it’s totally gross. I bet mostly you’ve got dish soap drips. The peroxide will turn white and foamy and instantly mix with the old dish soap. Pick that up with your paper towel. Repeat. In just a few wipes you’re likely to clean all the gross stuff you’d rather not think about off of that area.

If it’s super gross I’d suggest cleaning that area daily, every single time you do your dishes. Just wipe it over once. I’d also suggest wiping up all the wet areas you see on your sink after you’ve finished doing the dishes. They never taught us this in the nuthouses, but wet puddles lead to mold. Not always, but in certain climates or during some times of year.

If you use those padded cloth dish strainers (I don’t know how else to describe them), then these need to be dried out between uses. If you do not (and chances are you likely do not), you’ll be shocked one day to discover you’ve got disgusting mildew not only in the dish strainer cloth but actually in your dishes!

Here’s the solution: Get a second cloth dish strainer (costs a dollar or two) to act as substitute so you can take out the one you’re using and wash and disinfect these regularly. You’ll also want to disinfect the countertop underneath.

I have talked to so many patients who feel overwhelmed by housework. This is due to brainwashing by the system. You have been told over and over that you are incompetent. This is not true. It only takes a few minutes a day to keep your place clean. It doesn’t take much to get into good habits. The System is in the business of convincing patients of their incompetence. Don’t let something as trivial as housework get the best of you. Just get it done and get on to what you really want to do in life.

Do “Essential Oils” actually do anything?

I’m fairly sure “essential oils” are overpriced, useless placebos overall. They might be useful for candle-making or producing incense or scented packets you put into your drawers to make you clothes reek. As for “healing,” I doubt it. I highly doubt that putting lavender oil on your pillow will put you to sleep or do a darned thing to put your baby to sleep. It will sell more baby products and raises the price of baby powder just fine, though! It might calm down Mom and make her think the baby will cry less, so much more money into the pockets of Johnson & Johnson!

I have heard you can use peppermint oil for a deodorant. Do you have to buy Do’Terra? No. I imagine any peppermint oil will work just as well as any other.

I have heard people rave over CBD oil. I tried it and I wondered what the hype was. I tried infusing it, putting it into an oil burner, putting it on my skin, putting it under my nose, just about everything I could think of that was suggested in the various forums and I found it had no effect on me. I realized that no  way was it going to unless I ingested it. But wasn’t that a no-no?

I think you can indeed ingest the stuff. Don’t tell anyone I told you this! Try diluting it with sesame oil, the kind of sesame oil you might use for a massage. Use 1 oz sesame oil and put that into a jar. Now (if I recall correctly exactly what I did….) add 10 drops of CBD oil. Mix that together by shaking the jar. Now, using a medicine dropper, drop about three drops of this diluted mixture under your tongue.

That might help you sleep. Let me know how that goes. This is legal all through the USA. You can get CBD oil shipped to your home, wherever you live. You do not need to be a licensed medical marijuana user. Please do not do this if you are under 18. Or ask your parents first. And think good and hard on it since a bottle of this stuff is costly.

DaDaABC…from bad to worse

I am subscribed to DaDaABC on Glassdoor and have also received feedback privately from people who have worked for them. My opinion of this company is moving very rapidly from BAD to WORSE. It looks like this is another company that has paid employees to post positive reviews on Glassdoor.  One employee states that the company offered each employee $10 to post a positive review. Many employees have cited silencing on their Facebook page and said that the company makes it impossible to publicly complain about issues there nor bring any grievances into public discussion.

There are numerous complaints about not being paid. Many complain about large decreases in pay for minor infractions. Some state they were not paid at all for the month or even charged large “fines.” One person stated that to obtain his/her pay, a large “fee” had to be paid to the company just to receive a paycheck. Employees stated they had to pay for training or spent many hours off the clock doing homework or evaluations.

The company states that a teacher will get a bonus if the teacher writes the evaluations within 24 hours. However, one employee stated that if the evaluations are not done, the entire class work was unpaid. No pay at all.

This is possible, since the company validates they pay a bonus if the employee does the extra, unpaid work, but they do not say what will happen if the unpaid evaluations aren’t done within the 24-hour time limit!

This company seems to be so dishonest I am awfully glad I didn’t go any further with them. People are saying they would rather work for VIPKid or QKids. I see many YouTubes up there praising the company, but undoubtedly many of these YouTubers are paid, and paid well to do what they do.

Meanwhile, in my job search I found a job that’s an obvious scam listed in a job listing that promised “no scams.” I reported the listing. The job popped up again. I reported the listing a second time. This time, the job listing company replied back to me thanking me and said they were launching an investigation. Finally.

I also reported to Glassdoor a company that had emailed me that I knew was a job scam. They had over 50 glowing Glassdoor reviews that were clearly faked, many even written by non-native English speakers. Does Glassdoor check the IP addresses of these folks?

I’ll let you know what these were in a while. I don’t want to get caught at this, just in case.


Please Share this GoFundMe Campaign

I do not have Facebook but I just Tweeted the link. Please share this campaign.

Every little bit helps. The case is in California on behalf of ECT victims against ECT device manufacturers. Right now, in court, they are working on convincing a jury that shock-induced seizures cause brain damage. While this may seem obvious to many of us, the defendants and those who have monetary interests in ECT have perpetrated lies and exaggerated claims about the curative nature of ECT. Their claims are unsubstantiated, but they continue to lie to the media and lie to patients and to their doctors.

Here is an article in MIA by Atty David Karen describing the case in detail:

ECT Shock Treatment Class Action – Case Update April 2018

How can you tell you are “chatting” with a bot?

Artificial Intelligence has gotten quite intelligent lately in its ability to mimic real people. However, it’s still quite obvious when you are chatting with a bot in most circumstances. How many times is it going to ask “What is your name?” for instance? Many of these bots exist for one purpose only: DATA MINING.

They exist to gather YOUR information, under the guise of being “helpful.” Yeah, the “help” bot that isn’t exactly “helpful.” The phony help chat on the side of the screen that says, “LIVE HELP” but it isn’t truly live. It’s a bot.

They’ve gotten super clever. If you ask, “Are you a bot?”….well, don’t. They’ve got presets for that. “I can assure you I am not a bot,” she replies. Her name is Amanda or Julie. Why did they muck up my name like that?

I have figured out how to fake out a bot, though. Try this. “Goodbye.” Put that as a one-word sentence in your response. You will get the following back from the bot:

“Have a nice day.”

This is the instant auto-response no matter when or where you say “Goodbye.” Try it next time, and let me know if it works.