How to wash your hair squeaky-clean, with very little water and no shampoo, in the sink or using a bucket

This amazing method REALLY WORKS and even works on long, unmanageable hair like mine! This is a great way to clean your hair if you are “camping” (homeless), or on the road, or your water has been shut off, or you live “off grid,” or you have just escaped from a mental hospital or for whatever reason you are sneaking into a public bathroom. You can wash your hair in conjunction with a shower, or not.

You will need a large container you can dunk your head into, or almost so, and a smaller “ladle” type container, which can be a cup with a handle if you wish. You will not want extremely cold water, so if you have to, boil your water first if you have no access to a hot water tap.

You will need lemon juice. Any kind will do. You do not need to be fussy. You can buy a bottle of it at the dollar store, or even use powdered lemon juice. For travel I would suggest powder in a single-serve packet. Bring a bunch and leave the powder in the sealed packets so TSA does not get all weirded out over “white powder.”  This is especially the case if you are an escapee. Don’t be dumb. Don’t use lemonade mix. I think you can even sneak packets of lemon juice from fast food restaurants. Don’t take too many and buy coffee to make them happy.

Mix up some warm lemony water and dunk your hair into it until all your hair is saturated with lemon water. That’s it! I actually do not unbraid my hair to do this. It’s much easier to get my hair into the water if I leave it braided the entire time.

Now, rinse off your hair. Rinse it all out. This doesn’t take a lot of effort, not the immense effort that rinsing out shampoo takes. It will take only one or two quick rinses and the lemon water will be out of your hair.

Now, towel-dry your hair for a while, take out the braid when you feel like it and re-do the braid (if relevant).

Every now and then, put el cheapo hand lotion into your hair to keep the electricity away or to untangle it. You will notice it is very shiny and looks terrific.

I lived for a long time in South America with no hot water heater. I found that you don’t really need one. Not unless you have kids. About a month ago I accidentally turned off my pilot light, but I am not in any rush to pay a repair guy here to fix it. You know, saving money, right?

How I am turning it around

I have been more bummed out the past couple of weeks than I have been in a long time. The combination of not being able to find employment, getting fired, and also, ending up with a scam job has really got me down. It makes me see the whole world in a negative way. I have been in a sour mood. I am re-living the day I realized that my psych diagnoses were a sham, that I lived three decades with a fraudulent assumption that I was disabled and unable to work. We live with so much deceit all around us. Does it ever end?

The Toastmasters International Speech Contest is coming up and this year I am eligible. I am turning this around to a winning speech.  I HOPE SOMEONE OUT THERE GIVES A SHIT.

I have been practicing and honing down the message. I have 5 to 7 minutes.  There are levels. You advance to the next level each time you win a contest. Our club contest is coming up. Then the area contest is two weeks later and we have another one in April. I don’t know when the District contest is but I will be lucky indeed to make it that far. Our District is District 13. They often have the District meetings in places inaccessible by public transit, so I will have to bum a ride if I am to make it there.  I am not sure how many District winners go on to the International contest which I think is in Toronto. They have it in a different place every year.

If you actually make it to the International contest, Toastmasters pays your fare. This would be a relief since it would mean I would not have to appear like a beggar or a tag-along bumming a ride! I do not like asking for rides nor do I like riding in other people’s cars. I suspect that folks don’t want me riding with them, either, but I don’t say anything. It is embarrassing even asking.

I am enjoying crafting this speech and practicing it. Each time I work on it I find new ways to make it better. Delivering a speech is a form of performance art that follows a process like any other art. I don’t think other people who give speeches think of it that way necessarily.  They consider it “business skill.” But since I am unemployed and never had a career, it is “art” to me. I admit I am good at it.

When I get up in front of an audience, I feel like I am where I belong. I don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable. It is like everything snaps into place. Why did I wait so long?

Today I hope to practice more, get this thing down. When the day comes I will think of all of you readers out there. I will kick butt. I promise.