Uh oh

I put in yet one more job application, after promising myself I would not. After telling myself over and over this is going to be a terrible letdown. After telling myself it is hopeless and I need to go the “home business” route once and for all.

I keep wondering why the coaching school didn’t encourage students to take out entrepreneur loans. Where was money supposed to come from? Jobs we didn’t have? Sure, almost all of us did have jobs, but what about those that did not? Money comes from thin air? They expected us to buy ad space, buy pay-per-click, and pay tons of money for stuff. Where did this money come from? Trees? Clients you do not have yet?

Either way, I now have two “broken promise” applications in, that is, representing the promise I would not apply to any more jobs and put myself through this terrible heartbreak. Both were the type of application that gave me verification that the application had gone through, and stated I would hear back “in a few days.” Definitely. I believe one will call and the other will likely email me.


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