How to make crunch dog treats extremely easily and cheaply

These are the easiest and cheapest dog treats you can make. They don’t end up yucky-smelling as ice cubes sometimes do. I just did this last night and now, I have three bagfuls of yummy dog treats for Puzzle.

I purchased a cheap package of hot dog rolls. Not hot dogs, which are bad for dogs, but hot dog rolls. Plain ones. You should not purchase rolls that have seeds on them, as some dogs have a lot of trouble with seeds, even the small ones. The plainer and cheaper the better. Under a dollar will be great. Your dog will love you if you spend very little  money.

Now bring the package home and open it up. Break up each of the rolls into chunks, small pieces. Now, put the pieces into zip-up bags. I use quart size. One package of hot dog rolls will fill three quart bags. Now, freeze the sealed bags. For later.

If your dog can stand waiting, make her wait till the “croutons” are finished freezing. Once frozen, take them out and watch your doggie go nuts. These treats are crunchy! And yummy for dogs!

They cost under a dollar, took seconds to assemble, and your dog is now spoiled rotten.

Don’t do this if you have a gluten allergy, or if your dog is allergic to wheat. Common sense!

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