Application update

I have to laugh as this company claims they do not discriminate but my application would not go through without my submitting an applicant photo.  I think applicants of color would be very concerned about this aspect of the application, and I, likewise, am not too crazy about having to submit a photo. My hair is naturally brown and I certainly do not look 60, nor did I include dates in my “recent college grad” type resume. Still, had I submitted a pic of Puzzle it would not have gone over too well.  What if my photo showed me as a male wearing a kippah? Or what if I was wearing a head scarf such as what Muslim women wear?  The company wrote to me saying, “If you qualify, we will contact you.” They also stated they receive “hundreds” of applications each day. I can’t imagine they really do. Hundreds per month? Yes. Not daily.

Of course, many they just toss. Kids under 18. People they can’t hire due to citizenship requirements. Spam such as “I’m selling Viagra, want some?” Beyond that, they likely have a few real candidates remaining.

The other folks whom I am going to attempt a phone interview instead of a Skype interview have not gotten back to me. Stating “equipment failure” is not going to work to get me out of a Skype interview. Any equipment failure will cause me to not be hired. I think I might say the landlord is doing repairs “just today” and I need to use a different room where I can’t use the cam due to compatibility issues. If they don’t see me squinting I might have a chance.

I highly doubt any of these folks find my blog. They really don’t have time to look people up at length. They might check Facebook, but they won’t find me there. I am sooooo glad I do not have LinkedIn, for privacy’s sake.

Feedback and comments welcome!