Puzzle update

This is an update on my dog, Puzzle. She will be 12 this year and is getting fussy because she is an old lady like me. She still eats very fast as if she never ever has been fed before. If I delay even five minutes and do not feed her she acts like I am very cruel and tries to convince me she is terribly deprived. She loves frozen food and if I ever take anything out of the freezer, by default, she acts like it’s hers. Some of the food is indeed hers, but I admit I do keep bags of smelly garbage in there, just to store until I can toss into the outside trash. Not to feed to Puzzle!

She has to go out a lot, quite often these days. I take her out on leash. We do not have a fenced-in yard and I do not want one. I take her out on a leash and walk her around a number of times a day. It is to the point where she cannot “hold it” through the night either. She is a little sneak. She gets up, thinking I don’t notice, goes and pees in the other room, then, comes back to bed. I do notice. When I get up to pee I either put shoes on, or go barefoot because if I wear just socks, they’re likely to get wet if I step on it.

I have washable pee pads so she can go potty. This is getting to be a ritual, washing them by hand daily now. The house is plenty clean because I dutifully pick up the pee pads and wash them and nothing soaks through. I don’t mind at all.

If you are wondering about purchasing washable pee pads for your dog, I would recommend the ones I have, which do not soak through and are very easy to wash and dry. They are called Rocket and Rex. They come in a pack of two. The cost is not cheap, but  there are two in the pack, and you will very quickly find that you’ve saved money over the disposable type because you do not throw these cloth ones away. I am ordering another pack of two so I can cover my throw rugs more and keep them protected.

If you have a floor that’s really expensive, such as a pine floor or hardwood one, and you have a fussy landlord, maybe cover the whole floor with a rug and use a rubber pad under the rug. I would not use plastic. I think the problem with plastic would be that since it doesn’t breathe, moisture could get trapped underneath. This would cause terrible problems and you wouldn’t even know it, possibly for a long time till it was too late. But rubber, such as a foamy tile or sheet of rubber meant to be put under a rug actually breathes, letting some air through but generally not water leaks, so this, likely would be effective at keeping pee and other spills from getting at your landlord’s precious floor. This is only a guess of mine, and I think a lot would depend on the situation.

When I arrived here I noticed a tile was missing in the bathroom, on the floor, in an inconspicuous place. The other tiles near there are messy-looking. I believe this occurred when people showered but didn’t realize a puddle had accumulated in that spot. When the weather is warmer I plan to take those two tiles out and replace them, putting down three brand new faux floor tiles in that location.

To do this, I will need to cut down the faux tiles to size. This will not be hard at all. I think an X-acto knife and a ruler to steady it will do fine. Then, I will just break the tile along the crease I have made, peel off the backing, and stick the tile into place. I might also want to put molding around the wall edges to keep the tile down and make a nice edge there, and maybe matching caulking around the tub edge. This is my next major home project. That and planting a garden.

As for Puzzle, she much prefers her bed or a rug to the hard floor. She is a spoiled brat for sure, but I love to spoil her. I let her sleep in my bed with me, too. We share a tiny army cot. She loves to cuddle. She comes under the covers with me, even snuggles inside my sleeping bag with me unless it is really too warm out. On a cold day, she sits very close to the heater so she can stay warm. My friend cuts her hair for her but right now she says she wants Puzzle to stay as warm as possible so we’re letting her stay hippie style.

Feedback and comments welcome!