Narrow-minded writer who blames “screen” for blindness!

Here is a writer who blames the phone screen for society’s blindness. I don’t think she realizes that for many people, myself included, “screen” means being able to see.

It gets me upset that narrow-minded, dare I say bigoted people like this get published.

They don’t even realize that people whose vision was going to fail anyway (maybe due to other reasons besides “screen,” which is irrelevant) are grateful for their “screens.” GO TO ANY LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND! Is this woman kidding herself? She claims to be around 40, has she never visited such a library? Maybe she needs to stop by at one and see the fantastic things happening there. Screens help people read. Screens enable partially-sighted people to read any book ever written. Screens are not the latest DEVIL plaguing mankind. Screens are not cancer we need to eradicate. Technology allows people who cannot see at all to hear books! Imagine that! Screens help people get an education, write papers, and read materials required for classes, and learn all kinds of fantastic things about the world around them. Some blind people can FEEL written text, and even write with a Braille writer! Can she do that, or is she going to lie in bed with her cell phone and bemoan her fate like a child?

It was HER CHOICE to look at a cell phone that has tiny text and strain her eyes. I personally text with computer that has a monitor attached. I use large text and color reversal. If I ever text at all. I don’t use a phone to text people, and I do not like to text. But if I have to, I use a monitor, not a phone. I don’t like tiny fonts. Who on earth would? And if she didn’t like it, why did she strain her eyes? Was she locked up on a ward and forced to do it all those years? No. She wasn’t. She voluntarily strained her eyes. I ask why she was so unwise if she was aware of the risks, as her article claims. If there’s any truth to her claim at all.

Screens are not the Evil of the World. I don’t think they even make us go blind. I am shocked that such articles even make to such Fame and Fortune, but they do, sadly.

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    1. Yes! I was told that the laws covering people who have trouble reading (beyond blindness) have been on the books far longer than the ADA has, thanks to some very smart blind people who believed that blind people should have access to the same literature and books that everyone else does. So what they told me at my local library was that if you are registered with them you can request any published book and it will be provided to you, free of charge, in the format you request. I am not registered, but I could very well do this as you do not need a doc note, you can do it over at the human services building here. And then, to further “the cause,” of course I can request plenty all the antipsych books I want in accessible format. Once they are available, they are available to ALL readers who need them all around the country! This expands the library to include this literature, spreads the word, and furthers the cause. So basically, I would be putting books like The Other Mrs. Smith on the shelves for millions of people who otherwise wouldn’t be considering it. I mentioned this to Bonnie but I don’t think she understood the significance. Looking at the population who uses such a library, we’re likely talking possibly the mean age is older than the general population. This is the prime candidate for ECT, so I think it is indeed significant.

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