Did anyone ever buy an honest product through clickbank?

Clickbank seems to be a channel through which many overpriced products are sold. I don’t object to some of these products. Some seem to do what they say they do. Many do not. I noticed, a long time ago, that some of the overpriced diet gurus sold wildly overpriced products via clickbank. The good news is that the Clickbank people WILL refund your money if you ask. These vendors almost always offer a refund, knowing that 99% of people never ask for one, or, simply forget that their cards are going to be charged again and again. The Clickbank folks are quite cooperative if you have to deal with them. One thing I notice is that some of these vendors basically offer a freebee, or near freebie, then, collect a huge sum of money from you, or maybe they offer it only to get you on their mailing list, and then, spam the hell out of you.

Some may then offer you other people’s products. I am fairly sure how this “endorsement via email” system works since I have observed it over time.

Say Bob has ensnared you onto his email list because he observes you are interested in cars. Now, he tells you about his buddy Joe, who runs a car wash business. He claims that Joe is such a good friend and he uses Joe’s Car Wash all the time. Now this is complete bullshit. Joe has paid Bob to say this, of course. Joe and Bob simply have a financial arrangement. Joe pays Bob to endorse him and drive traffic to his site where Joe is now offering some coupon or special or five washes for the price of four or Mothers Day Super Wash.

Usually, though, it’s not such a great deal, and often, these folks have you watch some idiot narrated video you are stuck watching because they don’t even tell you what the product is.

“Joe has a secret way to wash cars, better than anyone else, a secret ingredient that we are sharing with only you, and offering it for this very short time and we are not letting on until the end of the video. The price is usually $1oo, but we’re knocking it down this weekend only….”

Which is total baloney. Now, you gotta pay pay pay via ClickBank. It’s always that. I wonder who works the phone banks at Click Bank, that is, who are the employees and how much are they paid? Is it like the place I worked in January? Where they hate working there, are paid $8 an hour, are rushed in the bathroom even, receive threatening emails, and the employees they do not like (who speak up) are bullied out of their jobs?

Just sayin’.

I wonder if the ClickBank employees shake their heads every time a customer calls or messages and says, “Can you cancel my  purchase, please?” Now that must happen more often than it did at the company I worked for in January. Oh, the poor souls.

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