Social media blast….outside the box

I have this idea as to how to publicize my business that is outside the box as can be.  I hope to hire survivors and anyone else who is strapped for money as a way of helping them get cash.

Here is how it works. I will need my business publicized. I will need it “shared” on social media. This means put up on social media pages. A lot. This mean sent out in places I cannot send out myself and to people I cannot otherwise reach. This means reaching a wider audience I would normally reach or reaching people in ways I would not otherwise reach them.

Given that friends usually claim they’ll help out but never do, or get shy about helping out, or back out of commitments for valid reasons, or  don’t have time, or don’t have energy, or have sick parents, or for a variety of reasons, I’m going to offer an incentive. I feel I should offer a non-loaded incentive. What do I mean by non-loaded? Loaded means “strings” attached or a “commitment.” People hate that and refuse to make commitments at all. My experience is that people will run in the other direction as soon as anything looks, smells, or tastes like responsibility.

However, what about a one-shot deal that pays money? A one-shot easy cash payment? This would not be a steady job, but would be an agreement that the person do the short-term task, and then, get paid. Money doesn’t have a personality nor say anything at all…no strings…it is just cash.

Furthermore, I would only offer the incentive when I had the cash on hand to pay a person. This would not be a continuous offer since I do not have a continuous cash flow. No one does.

So I would offer a person cash (paypal) for “sharing.” Now most people have their friends “share” and their friends share, right? But in the past, and for years, I’ve asked and asked and asked and what happens? My projects fall flat. Every time. And then what? They flop totally. Remember? No donations. No sales. No posts on a forum I worked my ass off to create. Nothing. I give up soon and end most of my projects in utter disgust because I can’t get enough people interested or excited about my projects and because of the obvious non-excitement and expectation that my project, whatever the project is, will invariably fail, and never mind the rude remarks as to such, I drop the project.

I have noticed, also, that within groups that expect me to fail, or include me only as tokenism, I can’t get very far, but in groups that include me, I succeed just like any other member, and sometimes, exceed expectations.

I need to do this incentive to ensure sharing and promoting really happens and get a little more aggressive to get the business off the ground.


Feedback and comments welcome!