Recipe: Survival food

I don’t really want to write “Greene Survival Food” or maybe, “Greene Machine” in the blog title but I love the play on words. It IS indeed green. And the cool thing is that I suspect this would be great if you are “refeeding” after a famine.  It is much healthier than Ensure, and much, much cheaper! It can be made to soupy consistency, or be made like thicker, like a dip or paste. Or I suppose eaten cool or warm. DO NOT FEED THIS TO YOUR PETS. The reason is that you will likely overdose your pet on too much good nutrition that humans need.

Here is what is in the “formula.” Kindly modify if you have food allergies or sensitivities. Or change to taste:

One spoonful of spirulina
One spoonful of chorella
Two spoonfuls of PLAIN, unadulterated hemp protein powder

All this stuff, so far, is dark green and not very appetizing-looking.

Also add: One spoonful brewer’s yeast, NOT baking yeast or bread yeast. This can be the flakes or the powder, which are slightly different, but do not use the little packet type or the type used to bake bread.

Also add: Small amount of unsalted ghee. If  you do not have this, add non-GMO butter, or clarified butter.

Also, for texture, add some plain powdered instant potatoes, unless you are allergic. Just a little as binder.

For interesting taste, shred a piece of whole wheat bread over everything. I even use commercial type of bread since I’m only using one piece. If you are allergic to wheat, skip this step.

Generously shake garlic powder and cayenne over everything in the bowl. Why? These are antidepressants! If you are at survival stage, you likely need them.

Now, boil filtered water and pour over the mixture. Stir. You’ll need to add a lot. It will be very green and the ghee will melt into it.

Eat slowly…as this is very filling. I suspect you could live on this, if you were sure to eat veggies as I suspect if you do not you could end up not pooping.

The total cost of this meal, if you shop wisely, I am certain is well under a dollar considering the quantity of each ingredient.

According to my naturopath, chorella is an awesome “thyroid restore” food. He verified to me today in an email that many people do, indeed, get off the thyroid pharma supplement by using just these same seaweeds.

2 thoughts on “Recipe: Survival food”

    1. It’s not bad with the flavoring, especially adding the yeast which rounds it out. The seaweed isn’t too bad. It’s the hemp to me that is indeed nasty, but high in fiber and protein. Puzzle dislikes it too. For fiber, I hear dogs love pumpkin. Puzzle loves frozen peas. She goes nuts whenever I take the bag out of the freezer. I am wondering, though, if sprouted whole peas might be problematic for her. She’s really getting fussy so I spoil her extra.

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