Has anyone out there restored their thyroid, or know anyone who has?

I am wondering if anyone out there has restored their thyroid after it has shut down. That is, if you still have your thyroid but you were told to take the thyroid pill, and you did, but later, restored it to functioning. I am not referring to “natural thyroid supplement” such as thyroline,” which I see as a poor substitute and varying in reliability from reports I have heard. I mean restoring the thyroid so that it fully functions as a gland again. Do you know of anyone who did this? After how many years of believing it cannot be done?

I am wondering about seaweed as a means of restoration. Can seaweed help jumpstart the thyroid, even one that’s “forgotten” how to function, into functioning again?

I ask because I challenge the notion that a thyroid is just sitting there dead. It’s not dead tissue. It’s living tissue, right? It is inside your body, lazy, perhaps, but not dead tissue. So as I figure, it’s asleep, like that storybook character who was asleep for 100 years, then, woke up. Was that Cinderella? Or Snow White? The one who had Seven Dwarves tending to her while she dreamed.

So as I figure, the thyroid is asleep, but not dead. And if that’s true, it needs a way to wake up. IF this is possible, then, if it wakes up, it will then function again. And that does not sound impossible.

You do have other glands, and as I figure, since these other glands work with the thyroid, and they all work in a team-like functioning, interactively, they will even work with you to “encourage” the thyroid should it “wake up.” Think of how happy your whole body will be should this happen. Even after all those years. This is my guess.

All this personification is idealistic and not very scientific. Perhaps oversimplification. But I think science over-complicates most of life anyway.

So this happened recently. I have been eating a fair amount of spirulina because I need to eat non-meat protein. I can’t really eat too much meat in my circumstances and spirulina is a good source of many nutrients. It is also a good source of nutrients that are supposedly good for the thyroid.

I did not plan on any of this happening. There was a while that my thyroid levels seemed low. This was a long while back. For a brief time I raised up the thyroid supplement dose but then, brought it down. I don’t like the feeling when it is too high. In fact, I actually stopped it for about a week because I was annoyed at the “too high thyroid” feeling. For those of you who don’t know, you can stop it for an entire week and it will still be in your system, more or less. I’ve heard the level won’t drop off for three weeks, meaning that if you miss a dose you don’t have to worry too much. If you miss a lot of doses over a long period, you may notice, though. This is why the testing has to be done after a long period, not just a few days of being on it, and it does take time to “stabilize,” which is that nasty clinical word they use.

So then, this is what happened. I went back on this pill. The usual dose, without even thinking. Why should I even think about it? I’ve been on this stuff some three decades! Funny, though, toward night time I had that odd “high thyroid” feeling again. Like even that one dose annoyed the heck out of me.

The next day, I didn’t take it in the morning. I have heard that Spirulina will affect a thyroid test, but I have not heard that the seaweed actually affects your real thyroid functioning…Not that Western Med recognizes in a way that the public can easily access.

However, I have heard that people can indeed restore their thyroids. I have not heard this first-hand from anyone I personally know, so this is why I am asking you guys who are reading this here. Dr. Kelly Brogan states she did, but that wasn’t after decades of what I have been through. That was after a brief episode of Hashimoto’s following pregnancy.  Oddly, she talks about it all the time. She doesn’t actually say how. My guess is you have to pay her a bundle to find out!



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