I’m back…As the usual devastation from employmement rejection only gets worse

It has been about 2-1/2 years now of this horrible roller-coaster ride. Hopes up, hopes dashed to bits. “This time, it will work.” It doesn’t. “This time, I will be hired for this wonderful job.” I don’t.  “This time, for a change, I’ll be seen for my potential and what I have to offer.” It doesn’t happen and I get nothing but age discrimination and another rejection, or worse, total silence.

I’ve considered relocating to an area where jobs are not so scarce. However, since it took me 10 years to find a place with NO NEIGHBORS that is actually quiet and doesn’t have rats, I can’t see leaving this place and risking ending up with screaming neighbors again or some other problem just for a job that might not last more than a month. I would not relocate to work a menial job such as cashier, which I am just not meant for, anyway.

Is anyone hiring that wants a smart person who actually THINKS and works hard? Who works independently and has ambition and drive? Who can do her own goal-setting and doesn’t need a cookie-cutter approach nor needs to be told what to do all the time?

My stuff on ebay did not even come close to selling. I took it down and am giving up on that. Priced any lower, I would lose money considering I pay for the bus and pay to send the stuff to people. Ebay is an lie. A sham. That I know of, smaller sellers don’t sell on it, they list and other, larger sellers bump them down to where their stuff isn’t even visible, and then, the small sellers give up just like I am, despite Ebay’s false promises of making a little cash. Don’t even bother. Times have changed.

I don’t know what to do anymore. Of course, posting this puts me at risk for another scammer like the one I encountered in February to come along. Yes, I am aware of the risks at this point.

But I would love to let anyone out there who is a person who hires others just how it feels to be rejected. Just how it feels to be on this job search and be told “no” over and over. Just how it feels to be an older person and watch in horror as younger, sexier-looking women get chosen by male bosses for obvious but not very legal reasons. This happens when you are older all the time! And this is likely why “cashier” job did not hire me.

I wish employers knew what it feels like to be kept hanging for the longest possible time. Yesterday this one employer said “by the end of the day.” Guess when the notified me? 12:01am. Yep, just past midnight. I’m furious. Was that really necessary?

Okay, just to say you didn’t give me the silent treatment, but it DID suck to stay up waiting and waiting, then, go to bed disgusted, then, wake up to this today. Not only that, the letter said, “unfortunately, we’re going ahead with the application process…” which is bullshit since there’s no further application process, no further interviews nor application requirements, which I knew already. They hired the younger applicants, such as less qualified college-age applicants, and they did not hire me because I am 60. Only obviously the scumbags did not want to admit this in the email. “Because of our company needs.” Yep.

Feedback and comments welcome!