I have been thinking since I was rejected from this teaching job I just applied for (and not told the reason, of course!) that applying for more jobs is likely fruitless. The “home business” idea still might work. Obviously, selling on ebay was not a very good idea since my heart was not into selling stuff anyway. It doesn’t seem particularly meaningful nor have anything to do with doing good in the world.

But the life coaching business, what if I kept that, and tweaked it some? I don’t want to do life coaching per se. That is basically being a shrink in disguise, plus if you call yourself a life coach you are by law a mandatory reporter. I do not want this! While I had the training I don’t have to use it. The school broke its promise of “instant career,” which was overblown and unrealistic. No one in the class ended up with an “instant career.” The only ones who are doing coaching were coaching already or close to it, sorry to say. No one has managed to get off the ground from scratch that I know of. A little birdie told me even though I got off their Facebook page.

My idea is this…..I want to tweak Nuthouse No More, probably change the name, also, to reflect the broadening of what I hope to do. I have an idea of how I can change it, what I want to change it to, and more on the theme of it and what issues I want to cover.

It makes sense to me that in these 60 years of life I have achieved things that by all means were not supposed to happen. What if I were to assist others in achieving the same things that actually appeared to be miracles?

They were not miracles. They simply involved common sense, which people, that is, YOU, do have, but sometimes we are so distraught that we fail to use the common sense we already have.

I recovered from ECT-induced brain damage. The damage had been significant and lasted about 18 months, but I did recover.  It took me years to realize that this doesn’t happen too often. Not only that, but observers have noted that my  memory and cognitive ability are still excellent. How did that happen? Can I show another person or guide someone who has been damaged? Is it possible?

I recovered from a knee injury that had led a doctor to tell me I’d never walk nor run again. How did that happen? Can I help a person overcome a similar injury by defying a medical doomsday prediction?

I am alive and my kidneys do not work. This is a quiet miracle right here. Can I help others that choose alternatives to dialysis without getting myself into serious legal trouble?

I used logic, intuition, and common sense to overcome my own eating disorder.

I do not ever get writers block. Can I help other writers with this?

I do not get stage fright and am a dynamic public speaker. Can I help someone who fears speaking in front of others get over their fears and even look forward to giving presentations?

I walked away from psychiatry. And you can, too. Can I help others do this? This was Nuthouse No More, but more can happen with the business to broaden potential clientele, and I don’t necessarily have to do “coaching.” I don’t even want that.

I signed up for a marketing class. This class cost me a tiny fraction of what the coaching class cost me, focuses on home businesses, and is designed for people who are just trying to get their businesses off the ground. I believe the class will be of great value to me and will not be a scam, as I have taken classes from this organization in the past. This will give me a chance to bounce my ideas off of other students and also to run my idea by the instructor, whom I assume is an expert in the field.

Considering the cost of the class, it is far lower than any possible individual “counseling” might cost, even career counseling, and would certainly be more worth my while than lengthy and insulting “training” I do not need for a dead-end, low-paying cashier position. I suspect most of those “voc rehab” programs are day treatment in disguise designed to keep you out of the workplace, anyway.




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    1. If you think it is a great idea, will you please help promote it once I get the revamped site off the ground? A little more than lip service would be appreciated this time.

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