We got rid of horse and buggy laws, so……

It’s the job of an editor to comb through a manuscript and get the junk out of it, that is, get the superfluous writing out, reduce flowery language, omit the errors, and tighten up the sentences. If conflicts exist, editors fix these, too. Two or more editors may discuss an article, or, they may hand a piece back and forth with the original writer. These procedures vary from publication to publication.

Lawmakers are supposed to do roughly the same with laws. They comb through laws and see if any outdated laws are on the books. For instance, are laws about parking your horse and buggy still on the books? Do these still need to be there? Do we need to add laws about not texting while cantering? Are there two laws that say roughly the same thing…but not quite? Does a state law conflict with a city ordinance?

Outdated laws, such as where to park your covered wagon and how many children are allowed on a horse in the city streets are outdated and need to be taken off the books. A horse and buggy would likely not survive on most Interstate highways as it is. Do you take a pony on the train? Do you take a pony on a plane? Not if TSA has its way, and I don’t think a pony will pass as a service animal (though I am sure it has been tried….).

Are you guessing which AMENDMENT I think needs to be “updated”? Do we need rifles anymore? Do we really need a “militia”? Are the British coming, and do we see the “whites of their eyes” anyway?

People are so busy updating their devices and software instead, they have their noses in their cell phones…I don’t think we need a militia at all.

In my opinion, if you want a really, really powerful weapon, WRITE. Use words. Write and speak. We humans are blessed with the beauty of language and communication. Use your words to tell the truth. The truth is more powerful than any other weapon out there, and it outlives anything.

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