Warning: Don’t be scammed by “Disability Services” call

This call comes from the following number and may come from some other number: (617) 829-8454. I believe it’s from Quincy, Massachusetts. The person calling has an accent and claims to be from “Disability Services.” If you let him continue he will say he can “get you on disability” or “get you disability payments” if you give him your information.

If anyone is dropping in out of the blue and has found me here, know that this call is a scam. It’s not the government, it’s not a real “service.” It is a scam to get your information. It has nothing to do with a disability, not an ADA empowerment group, nothing like that. Possibly they’re not even in the USA. I don’t really know who the heck they are.

However, do not fall for such things. Don’t give out your info over the phone. If they were REAL disability attorneys, they would NOT call over the phone like that. They would not make cold calls. That’s what that type of contact is called. Cold calling. Calling people you do not know to sell stuff to them. While attorneys exist to help people get on disability, these attorneys generally do not call people and that I know of, they don’t even send out mailings. They just have ads in Google and searchable websites and let people find them who are looking for that sort of thing. People who are specifically in the market.

Now you may be wondering what to say to these fools. I didn’t say anything much. I said, “Send it in writing. Goodbye.” I hung up immediately and did not waste a bit more time with them. I didn’t waste time waiting for them to “take me off your list,” nor haggle with them over particulars, nor fuss, nor spend any further of my precious time on them. Please do not waste your time on scammers. Hang up immediately.

Do I have worries about them sending mailings? Are you kidding? They will not send anything in writing. No worries. If they do, I might not even have patience to wait to get it to recycling. It might go straight to trash. Torn up and deleted with the coffee grounds and dog poop.

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