Should you own a gun to protect your home, and if so, what are the possible consequences?

I am writing this blog entry with a general idea of who reads here, that is, the type of people who drop in here now and then. I am also taking into consideration that there very well may be out-of-the-blue readers that show up from outer cyberspace.

Should you own a gun to “protect” your home from a potential break-in?

Are you worried that your home will be broken into? I’ve read about this and honestly I am not at all worried, but I know some people are very very worried and in fact, so worried that their worry consumes them and even wrecks their lives. They feel they have to do things to secure their homes in order to feel “safe.”

Now to me, “safety” is not the same thing. To me, being safe means having a roof over my head and being warm enough. It means not being assaulted by another person, that is, verbally or physically, or having my space imposed upon or my privacy imposed upon by overcrowding. Safety means I have adequate privacy in my life, and having a quiet environment also factors in. To me, having to listen to too much noise is an imposition on my feeling safe and secure.

I know people whose homes have been broken into. It is disconcerting and a huge violation. In fact, some people say it feels akin to rape, because your home is a part of who you are.

I had my wallet stolen a few years ago. It was hugely inconvenient, but it did not feel like rape. It didn’t feel that violating. Just extraordinarily annoying. I do, however, empathize with those who have experienced the horror of a break-in.

Would you own a gun to “protect” your home?

Okay, let’s say you did. What if someone broke into your home? Let’s say that happened. What would you do? Shoot?

Let’s all imagine the scenario here. You are home and you hear a creaking the sound of your window crashing open (which you realize you forgot to lock) and a number of loud thuds and muffled vocal sounds. You know immediately these sounds are inside your home and you have to think quickly. You grab your gun which is right near you by your desk.

Okay, now what?

Yes, now what? Do you shoot? You have a right to do so under law, and the law may protect you if you do, if you own your gun legally. I have read about cases where people have indeed shot intruders. They were not prosecuted.

I wonder, though…..Would an intruder even bother breaking and entering if he KNEW YOU WERE HOME? I mean, seriously…….

Who breaks and enters? Who could it be?

The media tells us “thugs” break and enter, right? Okay, so it’s a “thug.” A thug. A dangerous thug.  A person you might as well shoot. What the heck is a thug, anyway?

Who breaks and enters? Think….

It very well could be a teenager. A kid down the street who is having problems in school. A first-time delinquent. Do you want to shoot a kid?

It could be the young bubbly girl you hired years ago to babysit your kids but is now struggling to stop drinking and drugging. Do you want to shoot her dead?

Maybe it’s your elderly neighbor who is just starting to get dementia and is mixed up and thinks he locked himself out of his own home. Do you want to shoot dead a confused older person who meant no harm?

Maybe it’s your grandkid, who hasn’t heard from you in a few days because your phone hasn’t been working. Maybe you didn’t hear when she knocked on the door so she thought you might be in distress.

Or of course, it could be a “thug.” Ahem.





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