In support of Mayors’ statement on USA Today

This is my reason for supporting the mayors (which by the way, includes Mayor Peduto of Pittsburgh). Common sense gun laws are common sense. Gun crimes are not limited to school shootings, either. By far, most gun crimes are not school shootings, but school shootings are what are most disturbing to us and publicized in the media. We get upset.

Every day, across the country, in every city, even in YOUR CITY, someone gets shot. It will happen if people in your state have easy access to guns. You will hear about it, and you may even hear about it happening right in your neighborhood. You may hear about an innocent child getting shot by a stray bullet, or by someone getting shot in a road rage incident, or about your neighbor, or about some kids playing basketball and someone driving by and shooting them. You may wonder if it’s safe to let your dog or cat out because you wonder if your neighbor might have a gun.

In my opinion, too many guns are out there. Too many irresponsible people are owning guns. I don’t think someone should drink and then, run around with a loaded gun, do you? This is the same common sense we use when we make the heart-wrenching decision to restrict a person who has abused his driving privileges and driven drunk too many times.

If you screw up while using a gun, you might kill or injure someone. You might kill or maim yourself. Guns, like cars (which are also weapons), require proper training, maturity, and responsibility. This is why people have to have special permits to own them. We wouldn’t hand a car to a ten-year-old who hasn’t had the chance to learn responsibility, would we?

It doesn’t make sense to me to outlaw guns altogether, because I think what will happen is that people will start purchasing them on the black market. And that will mean anyone, which is asking for trouble.

I think people should be able to own one, but only for very limited purposes, perhaps recreational target practice, which is a competitive sport that I know of. As for hunting, I don’t feel I have enough expertise on the topic to comment. I don’t see any reason why guns should be near schools, around children, in bars or casinos, or anywhere in urban areas.

No one should be able to get a permit who regularly uses mind-bending drugs or alcohol. This is common sense. I don’t care if the drugs are prescribed nor what they are prescribed for! If you take benzos for back pain you should not own a gun, because benzos impair your judgement. If you are on painkillers or steroids for jaw surgery for an entire month you should be required to give up your permit for that month. I don’t think anyone should be able to get a gun while withdrawing from any of these horrible drugs, either.

I’m sorry to burst the bubbles of a lot of people out there. I’m aware that many people make the choice to be on pharmaceuticals. Then don’t own guns! Very few people should own guns anyway. You do not need one. Guns are not particularly useful as far as I can tell, and in fact are an invitation to trouble for some people.

From what I have read, if you are interested in protecting your home, the best way to do so is to own a dog. Doing so will discourage most common burglars and thieves. This will also help you feel safe and secure and you will have a great buddy as well. The song may say, “Happiness is a warm gun,” but guns are not warm! Dogs’ bodies are indeed warm, much warmer than humans and they keep you warm at night if you sleep with them. I highly recommend it!

I support the mayors in their efforts. Bravo, and thanks to USA Today for publishing the article.


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