Gun laws, revisited

Scientific American, last year:

I keep thinking that if I knew a neighbor owned multiple guns, I would feel unsafe. I don’t know my neighbors but I assume a few do own guns. I find the idea very scary indeed. I guess it is the way I was brought up. I was not brought up around weapons and I was taught to solve conflicts nonviolently. I also agree with the realistic stance of the SA article. Break-ins are rare indeed. Why are people so paranoid that it’s going to happen to YOU? Know what’s more likely? That you’ll be captured and assaulted by psychiatry. One in four, right? One in four do not have their homes broken into. You may have had your wallet stolen at some point (and even returned) or someone took something out of your car if you forgot to lock it, or had something else “lifted” or some other minor mishap but an actual break-in is not too common, especially not while you are home. And if you are out at the time, which the burglar much prefers, the burglar has no worries about that gun you have.

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