Conehead Revolution

You’ve all heard of the gluten-free lifestyle which I am sure many of you were thrilled to give up once you realized it wasn’t a lifestyle. Were we happy to give up “low carb” and throw it overboard? Here’s the latest that I think Puzzle wants to demolish….


That’s right. Cone-head. Puzzle, that is. She is a conehead and has been one for days. Uh-oh. What next? Do we need the Great Danes in White Coats to come get her?

She’s gotten used to it, even. Accepted her new diagnosis as hopelessly cone-headed. I think she wonders if this might be a Permanent Condition and she might have to file for Doggie Disability!

Can dogs earn a paycheck while wearing cones? Are they employable? Do cones have side effects? If so, is it a trade-off?

Are dogs still dogs while wearing cones, or…are they sub-dogs….Shall we think less of them? Is there a stigma around this? Shall we turn this into a huge social justice argument?

National Alliance for…..

“I’m not my cone. Don’t call me a cone-name! Pleeeease!”

The Anti-Cone Movement.

Imagine….Anti-Cone marches in the streets. Anti-Cone publications. Writing to our congressmen. Heated arguments pro and con. Cops beating on dogs. Dogs biting anyone who argues either way.

Actually, Puzzle is snoring happily, and has forgotten she’s wearing it……


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