Your next home! Take your pick!

Here is a map explaining cost of living in various places around the USA. Note the variation in cost of living. This is crucial for psychiatric survivors.

Around here, the area is very impoverished, driving down everyday rental rates.  This also means that the average person cannot afford to own a car. This means the demand for public transit is high. Demand is important because lack of demand could lead to closure of public transit in the future. I don’t think our transit system is going to close anytime soon, though now and then they revise the routes. There’s absolutely no advantage to living in HUD housing here whatsoever. NONE.

Back in Boston, which is sky-high expensive and wealthy (and snobby!), I was clueless about the wonderful places to live in the USA where rents were so low that I could actually live outside of HUD housing. Moving was the right decision. I love it here and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Apparently I am not alone. People move here and fall in love with their new homes and then they are here to stay. I have heard so many stories such as mine. People who seek “the right place” for years, and then, discover it right here in our city.

Welcome home.

Family Budget Map

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