Oops, Daylight Savings Time. I didn’t know.

Wow…I did not know we had switched to Daylight Savings Time. This happened last year, too. It’s an hour later than it really is. My computer tells me so, but my watch is behind.  I didn’t know till just now. I even had a job interview scheduled for today (I canceled it anyway) and I would not have been on time!

Did you, too, screw up? Tell me your funny DST story! Have you ever missed a flight due to not knowing or been late for work? Did you miss something drastically important? I hope you missed your shrink appointment and if he called the cops on you, I hope they bypassed you as well.

Okay…I will change my watch now. And I will change my big clock on the wall which I don’t really use much anymore since I can’t see it too well. And the clock in the bedroom which I also rarely use.

Feedback and comments welcome!