Dear Bloggers, beware “collaborator” scams

I am not sure who this person is who has twice now contacted me about “collaborating” and wants to guest post here on my blog. He has emailed me once and then, written to me again. I do not recognize the name. I am certain this is a scam. Why? I have received similar emails in the past. He has not mentioned ANY content here, nor seems to know what I blog about.

People who are true allies do not write to me out of the blue asking to “collaborate.” I think anyone else out there who has a blog needs to beware of these folks who may even be offering something lucrative. Do not be fooled. If they are clueless about what your blog is about, then clearly they don’t want to collaborate, they want to rip you off!

First of all, has anyone ever guest-posted here? NO! Never. I have, at times, posted links to other blogs that I like. This is not guest posting. This is posting a link! Very different. Or, if you will, re-blogging. I don’t technically re-blog. I usually just provide the link and add my own commentary beside (above or below) the link. The reason is that I do not want, in any way, to imply that the content is mine. I think reblogging sometimes creates an authorship confusion. Or at least I have been confused!

So Harry Southworth, if he exists, is clueless about how my blogging has worked over the past 13 or so years. Does he know what my blog is about? Apparently not, as he doesn’t mention any of the issues. “I agree that psychiatry is….” No, he doesn’t even say that. Nor does he say, “A fellow activist.” He just invites himself as guest blogger out of nowhere. No thank you, Harry Ripoff.

Has Harry written to you, too? Maybe he sends off mass mailings to bloggers everywhere. Did you get your email from him? Send it to spam! Why does he sound so British? He is a bot out to get your password and all your personal information. Well that is my guess. What is your guess? Please make up a creative story and post it for me.

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