Application update

I have to laugh as this company claims they do not discriminate but my application would not go through without my submitting an applicant photo.  I think applicants of color would be very concerned about this aspect of the application, and I, likewise, am not too crazy about having to submit a photo. My hair is naturally brown and I certainly do not look 60, nor did I include dates in my “recent college grad” type resume. Still, had I submitted a pic of Puzzle it would not have gone over too well.  What if my photo showed me as a male wearing a kippah? Or what if I was wearing a head scarf such as what Muslim women wear?  The company wrote to me saying, “If you qualify, we will contact you.” They also stated they receive “hundreds” of applications each day. I can’t imagine they really do. Hundreds per month? Yes. Not daily.

Of course, many they just toss. Kids under 18. People they can’t hire due to citizenship requirements. Spam such as “I’m selling Viagra, want some?” Beyond that, they likely have a few real candidates remaining.

The other folks whom I am going to attempt a phone interview instead of a Skype interview have not gotten back to me. Stating “equipment failure” is not going to work to get me out of a Skype interview. Any equipment failure will cause me to not be hired. I think I might say the landlord is doing repairs “just today” and I need to use a different room where I can’t use the cam due to compatibility issues. If they don’t see me squinting I might have a chance.

I highly doubt any of these folks find my blog. They really don’t have time to look people up at length. They might check Facebook, but they won’t find me there. I am sooooo glad I do not have LinkedIn, for privacy’s sake.

How to make crunch dog treats extremely easily and cheaply

These are the easiest and cheapest dog treats you can make. They don’t end up yucky-smelling as ice cubes sometimes do. I just did this last night and now, I have three bagfuls of yummy dog treats for Puzzle.

I purchased a cheap package of hot dog rolls. Not hot dogs, which are bad for dogs, but hot dog rolls. Plain ones. You should not purchase rolls that have seeds on them, as some dogs have a lot of trouble with seeds, even the small ones. The plainer and cheaper the better. Under a dollar will be great. Your dog will love you if you spend very little  money.

Now bring the package home and open it up. Break up each of the rolls into chunks, small pieces. Now, put the pieces into zip-up bags. I use quart size. One package of hot dog rolls will fill three quart bags. Now, freeze the sealed bags. For later.

If your dog can stand waiting, make her wait till the “croutons” are finished freezing. Once frozen, take them out and watch your doggie go nuts. These treats are crunchy! And yummy for dogs!

They cost under a dollar, took seconds to assemble, and your dog is now spoiled rotten.

Don’t do this if you have a gluten allergy, or if your dog is allergic to wheat. Common sense!

Uh oh

I put in yet one more job application, after promising myself I would not. After telling myself over and over this is going to be a terrible letdown. After telling myself it is hopeless and I need to go the “home business” route once and for all.

I keep wondering why the coaching school didn’t encourage students to take out entrepreneur loans. Where was money supposed to come from? Jobs we didn’t have? Sure, almost all of us did have jobs, but what about those that did not? Money comes from thin air? They expected us to buy ad space, buy pay-per-click, and pay tons of money for stuff. Where did this money come from? Trees? Clients you do not have yet?

Either way, I now have two “broken promise” applications in, that is, representing the promise I would not apply to any more jobs and put myself through this terrible heartbreak. Both were the type of application that gave me verification that the application had gone through, and stated I would hear back “in a few days.” Definitely. I believe one will call and the other will likely email me.


I promised myself I will break every promise I make to myself

It is important to me to keep the commitments I make to other people, but if I promise something to myself I see no reason for pure stubbornness for the sake of stubbornness. I promised myself I would stop applying for jobs because failure sucks so much. However, I applied for one more today. Yes it is going to suck, and I hope they do not respond and get my hopes up, because that sucks worse. I hope they ignore my application so this one dies young. Straight to the shitpile. But likely they won’t. They’ll contact me. Get my hopes up.

This is what I am hoping for…against all odds. NO SKYPE. Yep, no Skype. Skype reveals not only my age, even though by all means I look far younger than I am, but it gives away what a klutz I am. I can sound professional over the phone, or fake it that I am when put forth the effort. But when I am on Skype I squint because I can’t see, and it’s obvious.

I wonder if I can weasel my way out of Skype and tell them I would prefer a phone interview. Like maybe if they want to schedule one, ask if phone is an option, without giving a reason. If the position is remote, why would it matter if we’re using phone or Skype?

Last time, I was on Skype and I think the interviewer could see that I was squinting to see the screen. I didn’t say that in real life, I use extensions to help me see. I knew I’d be able to do this once I got going. I told him, “I will need time to acquaint myself with the interface, and I am sure that I will be able to master it.” I suspect that he saw me squinting like that and maybe had a closed mind after that, not realizing that indeed I would figure out a way to get used to it. Plus many  people out there assume older people aren’t very smart nor capable.

So again I am applying, hoping…which I hate. I assume they won’t even contact me even though I made the CV look like “recent college grad” which in fact I am. What excuses can you guys think of to weasel out of Skype? I can’t say my internet is out nor my equipment doesn’t work because I have to have working equipment for the job itself.

Great article pointing that we need to hear the black voices in the gun issue, too

Parkland is a wealthy community and mostly white. It is clear to me that this is one reason the kids got heard. Black kids get shot in poor neighborhoods. Do we even notice?

I think this article makes some great points.

What do you think?

Did anyone ever buy an honest product through clickbank?

Clickbank seems to be a channel through which many overpriced products are sold. I don’t object to some of these products. Some seem to do what they say they do. Many do not. I noticed, a long time ago, that some of the overpriced diet gurus sold wildly overpriced products via clickbank. The good news is that the Clickbank people WILL refund your money if you ask. These vendors almost always offer a refund, knowing that 99% of people never ask for one, or, simply forget that their cards are going to be charged again and again. The Clickbank folks are quite cooperative if you have to deal with them. One thing I notice is that some of these vendors basically offer a freebee, or near freebie, then, collect a huge sum of money from you, or maybe they offer it only to get you on their mailing list, and then, spam the hell out of you.

Some may then offer you other people’s products. I am fairly sure how this “endorsement via email” system works since I have observed it over time.

Say Bob has ensnared you onto his email list because he observes you are interested in cars. Now, he tells you about his buddy Joe, who runs a car wash business. He claims that Joe is such a good friend and he uses Joe’s Car Wash all the time. Now this is complete bullshit. Joe has paid Bob to say this, of course. Joe and Bob simply have a financial arrangement. Joe pays Bob to endorse him and drive traffic to his site where Joe is now offering some coupon or special or five washes for the price of four or Mothers Day Super Wash.

Usually, though, it’s not such a great deal, and often, these folks have you watch some idiot narrated video you are stuck watching because they don’t even tell you what the product is.

“Joe has a secret way to wash cars, better than anyone else, a secret ingredient that we are sharing with only you, and offering it for this very short time and we are not letting on until the end of the video. The price is usually $1oo, but we’re knocking it down this weekend only….”

Which is total baloney. Now, you gotta pay pay pay via ClickBank. It’s always that. I wonder who works the phone banks at Click Bank, that is, who are the employees and how much are they paid? Is it like the place I worked in January? Where they hate working there, are paid $8 an hour, are rushed in the bathroom even, receive threatening emails, and the employees they do not like (who speak up) are bullied out of their jobs?

Just sayin’.

I wonder if the ClickBank employees shake their heads every time a customer calls or messages and says, “Can you cancel my  purchase, please?” Now that must happen more often than it did at the company I worked for in January. Oh, the poor souls.

Mornings are a joke

If anyone were to ask me what it is like to wake up in the morning, I wouldn’t be able to answer. I don’t wake up in the morning. I wake up around midnight and the rest of the wee hours, I spend seething in anger and have an increasingly terrible headache until it is on the verge of a migraine while my bladder gets more and more filled up but I don’t want to get out of bed as it is FREEZING…..and at that point, I get out of bed and within minutes, the headache and anger are all gone. This is my morning. I don’t wake up. I “wake up.” I fake wake up. I am already awake and pissed. Pissed that I can’t get a job. Pissed that the chemicals I take at night to get to sleep, which are all I can obtain, only keep me asleep an hour or two each night due to damage from prescribed psychiatric drugs I dutifully took years ago for decades thinking they were curative. Pissed that any prospective employer takes one look and turns away, not even considering that an older person might be far more capable than he expects. Pissed that a younger person shows some tits and ass and gets hired, and I refuse to do that. I don’t want to be hired based on selling my body for sex or sex appeal. I didn’t come into this world to be sold.

Daytime isn’t like that at all. I feel decent these days. I have plenty of energy and I feel positive during the day. It is hard to get out of bed in the morning, though, when I just don’t feel like it. I think of all the refusals, all the closed minds, all the employers that never even bothered to contact me and tell me I wasn’t hired. Not even that. The Keep You Hanging Method because they just don’t have the balls to inform me.

YES IT DOES MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK OF YOU. It matters when you have applications out there. The one thing that matters is what that employer thinks. Anyone who tells me to stop caring what others think…I wonder if they’ve applied for jobs lately! Go apply, and go to an interview and tell me you had no consideration for the thoughts that might be going through that employer’s mind right then. You cannot control other’s thoughts, but if you want a job, you’d sure as hell better impress the dudes, or do what you think impresses them.

Another time you might care about what others think is at a commitment hearing. THE NEXT SIX MONTHS OF YOUR LIFE ARE ON THE LINE! You’d better impress them, if you can. And in those ten minutes that you have a pinprick of a chance before a judge to convince him or her of your sanity, you are seriously going to care about exactly what is in his mind, (and maybe, too, care about how much he’s being paid off and by whom, since I hear that is also rampant in the courts). Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter, when I know darned well it does.

Every morning since January has been like this. “Waking up” feeling pissed off for hours and hours awake and seething and wishing I were as valued by others as I see the value in myself. I hate it and it doesn’t make getting up very easy to do. I thank Puzzle every day for giving me incentive to get up so the headache ends and I start my day.

Puzzle update

This is an update on my dog, Puzzle. She will be 12 this year and is getting fussy because she is an old lady like me. She still eats very fast as if she never ever has been fed before. If I delay even five minutes and do not feed her she acts like I am very cruel and tries to convince me she is terribly deprived. She loves frozen food and if I ever take anything out of the freezer, by default, she acts like it’s hers. Some of the food is indeed hers, but I admit I do keep bags of smelly garbage in there, just to store until I can toss into the outside trash. Not to feed to Puzzle!

She has to go out a lot, quite often these days. I take her out on leash. We do not have a fenced-in yard and I do not want one. I take her out on a leash and walk her around a number of times a day. It is to the point where she cannot “hold it” through the night either. She is a little sneak. She gets up, thinking I don’t notice, goes and pees in the other room, then, comes back to bed. I do notice. When I get up to pee I either put shoes on, or go barefoot because if I wear just socks, they’re likely to get wet if I step on it.

I have washable pee pads so she can go potty. This is getting to be a ritual, washing them by hand daily now. The house is plenty clean because I dutifully pick up the pee pads and wash them and nothing soaks through. I don’t mind at all.

If you are wondering about purchasing washable pee pads for your dog, I would recommend the ones I have, which do not soak through and are very easy to wash and dry. They are called Rocket and Rex. They come in a pack of two. The cost is not cheap, but  there are two in the pack, and you will very quickly find that you’ve saved money over the disposable type because you do not throw these cloth ones away. I am ordering another pack of two so I can cover my throw rugs more and keep them protected.

If you have a floor that’s really expensive, such as a pine floor or hardwood one, and you have a fussy landlord, maybe cover the whole floor with a rug and use a rubber pad under the rug. I would not use plastic. I think the problem with plastic would be that since it doesn’t breathe, moisture could get trapped underneath. This would cause terrible problems and you wouldn’t even know it, possibly for a long time till it was too late. But rubber, such as a foamy tile or sheet of rubber meant to be put under a rug actually breathes, letting some air through but generally not water leaks, so this, likely would be effective at keeping pee and other spills from getting at your landlord’s precious floor. This is only a guess of mine, and I think a lot would depend on the situation.

When I arrived here I noticed a tile was missing in the bathroom, on the floor, in an inconspicuous place. The other tiles near there are messy-looking. I believe this occurred when people showered but didn’t realize a puddle had accumulated in that spot. When the weather is warmer I plan to take those two tiles out and replace them, putting down three brand new faux floor tiles in that location.

To do this, I will need to cut down the faux tiles to size. This will not be hard at all. I think an X-acto knife and a ruler to steady it will do fine. Then, I will just break the tile along the crease I have made, peel off the backing, and stick the tile into place. I might also want to put molding around the wall edges to keep the tile down and make a nice edge there, and maybe matching caulking around the tub edge. This is my next major home project. That and planting a garden.

As for Puzzle, she much prefers her bed or a rug to the hard floor. She is a spoiled brat for sure, but I love to spoil her. I let her sleep in my bed with me, too. We share a tiny army cot. She loves to cuddle. She comes under the covers with me, even snuggles inside my sleeping bag with me unless it is really too warm out. On a cold day, she sits very close to the heater so she can stay warm. My friend cuts her hair for her but right now she says she wants Puzzle to stay as warm as possible so we’re letting her stay hippie style.

Narrow-minded writer who blames “screen” for blindness!

Here is a writer who blames the phone screen for society’s blindness. I don’t think she realizes that for many people, myself included, “screen” means being able to see.

It gets me upset that narrow-minded, dare I say bigoted people like this get published.

They don’t even realize that people whose vision was going to fail anyway (maybe due to other reasons besides “screen,” which is irrelevant) are grateful for their “screens.” GO TO ANY LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND! Is this woman kidding herself? She claims to be around 40, has she never visited such a library? Maybe she needs to stop by at one and see the fantastic things happening there. Screens help people read. Screens enable partially-sighted people to read any book ever written. Screens are not the latest DEVIL plaguing mankind. Screens are not cancer we need to eradicate. Technology allows people who cannot see at all to hear books! Imagine that! Screens help people get an education, write papers, and read materials required for classes, and learn all kinds of fantastic things about the world around them. Some blind people can FEEL written text, and even write with a Braille writer! Can she do that, or is she going to lie in bed with her cell phone and bemoan her fate like a child?

It was HER CHOICE to look at a cell phone that has tiny text and strain her eyes. I personally text with computer that has a monitor attached. I use large text and color reversal. If I ever text at all. I don’t use a phone to text people, and I do not like to text. But if I have to, I use a monitor, not a phone. I don’t like tiny fonts. Who on earth would? And if she didn’t like it, why did she strain her eyes? Was she locked up on a ward and forced to do it all those years? No. She wasn’t. She voluntarily strained her eyes. I ask why she was so unwise if she was aware of the risks, as her article claims. If there’s any truth to her claim at all.

Screens are not the Evil of the World. I don’t think they even make us go blind. I am shocked that such articles even make to such Fame and Fortune, but they do, sadly.

Recipe: Survival food

I don’t really want to write “Greene Survival Food” or maybe, “Greene Machine” in the blog title but I love the play on words. It IS indeed green. And the cool thing is that I suspect this would be great if you are “refeeding” after a famine.  It is much healthier than Ensure, and much, much cheaper! It can be made to soupy consistency, or be made like thicker, like a dip or paste. Or I suppose eaten cool or warm. DO NOT FEED THIS TO YOUR PETS. The reason is that you will likely overdose your pet on too much good nutrition that humans need.

Here is what is in the “formula.” Kindly modify if you have food allergies or sensitivities. Or change to taste:

One spoonful of spirulina
One spoonful of chorella
Two spoonfuls of PLAIN, unadulterated hemp protein powder

All this stuff, so far, is dark green and not very appetizing-looking.

Also add: One spoonful brewer’s yeast, NOT baking yeast or bread yeast. This can be the flakes or the powder, which are slightly different, but do not use the little packet type or the type used to bake bread.

Also add: Small amount of unsalted ghee. If  you do not have this, add non-GMO butter, or clarified butter.

Also, for texture, add some plain powdered instant potatoes, unless you are allergic. Just a little as binder.

For interesting taste, shred a piece of whole wheat bread over everything. I even use commercial type of bread since I’m only using one piece. If you are allergic to wheat, skip this step.

Generously shake garlic powder and cayenne over everything in the bowl. Why? These are antidepressants! If you are at survival stage, you likely need them.

Now, boil filtered water and pour over the mixture. Stir. You’ll need to add a lot. It will be very green and the ghee will melt into it.

Eat slowly…as this is very filling. I suspect you could live on this, if you were sure to eat veggies as I suspect if you do not you could end up not pooping.

The total cost of this meal, if you shop wisely, I am certain is well under a dollar considering the quantity of each ingredient.

According to my naturopath, chorella is an awesome “thyroid restore” food. He verified to me today in an email that many people do, indeed, get off the thyroid pharma supplement by using just these same seaweeds.