To all diagnosees: Beware the response

This is what I think is coming next. And we all should be on guard.

Increased “screening” for supposed mental illness. This is going to be far-reaching. They will screen in the workplaces, in the military, in the schools, and even when you apply for unemployment. I think they’ll even screen when you apply and re-apply for a driver’s license. Screening as prerequisite to college admission. Private clubs will be able to screen for any diagnosis and will be able to ban any diagnosee.  You will have to carry an ID card saying you have a diagnosis if you are caught with one. This will be branded onto your driver’s license and your Social Security card. Passport applicants with a diagnosis will be either denied passports or will have stringent limitations.

Widespread mass paranoia about “mental illness” will ensue. Widespread locking up of anyone with a diagnosis or anyone assumed MI. Neighbors will report neighbors, brothers will turn against brothers.

Mass hatred of the elderly and hatred of teens will worsen as more and more “demented” and “adolescents” (who are totally normal) are imprisoned and killed, seen as diseased.

The underground railroad will soon be in full force, to ensure safety and escape for those that could potentially be affected. Those that work for the Railroad would include undercover diagnosees and sympathizers. During the Nazi Holocaust such amazing people were called Holocaust Rescuers.

There will be a bloodbath, many will be imprisoned and die in horrible conditions in the name of “security” or “safety” for those that consider themselves “normal.”

The eye of the beholder is dripping with hatred and loathing for anything different. We live in a society that is paranoid of going crazy, and yet, it already is. A vicious snake eating itself.

Something tells me they’ve already picked up their forks, and started digging in while we were looking elsewhere.


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