But I want to know…Was Jeffrey Yao harmed by psychiatry prior to becoming violent?

I have very little access to the Boston Globe because I refuse to subscribe. I did, however, read this article on Jeffrey Yao.


I also read all the comments that I could access. My late boyfriend grew up in the town of Winchester. His family owned a house there and stayed there and was still there when I left the country in 2014. I don’t know if they still own the big house in that town. I’m sure Joe knew the library in town and was familiar with the renovations. In Massachusetts, many libraries got renovated thanks to state aid. My library in Watertown also got a terrific facelift.

Where I live now we have security guards at the libraries. I don’t know if all of the branches have guards, but I know the one at the North Side in Pittsburgh ALWAYS has one there. (Incidentally, about six months ago they started opening on Sundays!). I would agree with the article and commentary that libraries give you the feeling of safety. In Uruguay there were no public libraries and if you weren’t rich you had no way of getting away from the constant noise during tourist season. This was a serious issue for me and was a factor in my decision to return to the States. I just couldn’t stand the motorcycles, boom boxes, firecrackers, and bar noise. I was dying for quiet!

Anyway, it is much more quiet here in the States and after that…which was truly traumatic for me, I cannot stand noise at all. A library is heaven for me. So I see what the commenters are saying about the safe feeling of a library.

Not one mentioned the possibility of psych drugs inducing odd behavior. Not one. Were the comments taken down? Has any evidence of Yao’s history with psychiatry been uncovered (and then, quickly covered up). Apparently he slashed tires in town. Check the commentary. The commenter says that if he had a knife that could slash tires, then he had a decent sharp knife that someone should have been concerned about. Good point, eh? But…Had he visited a shrink and had he been drugged? Had he been traumatized by lockup? Had he been harmed in therapy? It is going to take a while to uncover this stuff but I am sure that he got “help.” Help that actually hurt very very badly.

Maybe a fellow patient will come forward. But…the silence is deafening, is it not?


2 thoughts on “But I want to know…Was Jeffrey Yao harmed by psychiatry prior to becoming violent?”

  1. If the police already knew he complained of hearing Voices, you can be sure that he had had contact with Psychiatry…it just stands to reason…so I wonder how much that contact damaged him. He did not kill a medical student for no reason, despite all the comments on “senseless murder”.no it likely makes a lot of sense just not sense that people will like. But I do not believe in any “senseless” violence. If one is truly senseless, you cannot go out and kill anyone. Whether we like or agree with Yao, I am sure he felt he had sense and reason enough to do what he did.

    1. Looks like he knew her, or saw her around. Possibly he had followed her. As a medical person she may have symbolized “them.” And we all know who “them” is.

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