My review of Ziprecruiter, venue for job-seekers

There are many job-seeking venues out there, including Glassdoor and Indeed. Many local newspapers now have their online versions and have listings. Ziprecruiter has an easy-to-use interface for job-seekers that offers “one-click apply.” However, they do not guarantee that the jobs are legitimate.

What does this mean? If you get yourself an account and do a search, you’ll be bombarded with scams. As far as I can tell, anyone can create a fake job on there and recruit suckers.

Any job that is vague about what employees will be doing on the job or is deceptive about pay rate or refuse to be upfront about it at the interview is a scam. Yes, there are gray areas, so many that workplaces get away with crossing them regularly.

In my opinion, if a job is posted as “bachelor’s degree preferred” (just to impress job-seekers) and then after they hire, the employee discovers it is door-to-door sales, it is a scam.

Most of what I see on Ziprecruiter are scam jobs. Some of these companies post multiple listings in different locales around here and even go by different, but similar-sounding company names! I am trying to delete these jobs off my page but more and more pop up. A bot named “Phil” keeps sending me more and more of these offerings.

Among the scams are occasional real companies. I think Ziprecruiter steals the listings from other sites, actually, and re-posts them.

In my opinion, being bombarded with scams is very bad for one’s overall morale. I am dealing with this on a daily basis, not just because of Ziprecruiter but calls from telemarketers from overseas, from fake techies telling me my “Windows computer is hacked,” from fake IRS people telling me the IRS is suing me (oh please)….And those vacations in Disneyland I just won……

When will it end? Is there a “Do Not Scam” list? Can I get on it, please?

And how about those “nice” friends who turn out to be not very nice? Can I get on a list for that, too? Is there a “Do Not Bully” list? Is there a “Do Not Turn On Me” list?

Please please please put me on that list. Bump me up to the top for a while and let me bask in it.

Are you tired of mean people?Are you tired of rudeness?  Are you tired of those doors that slam shut? Do you just want to be given a chance at life?

Put me on the list, please…..And don’t sign up for Ziprecruiter unless you want to get seriously bummed out.

Feedback and comments welcome!