I have been bummed out

I think it has been about two weeks now that I have been in a very bad funk. I’m trying to snap out of it.  Finding out that my job was a scam was not very good for my morale. I am trying to “think positive” but honestly in my opinion “thinking positive” is overrated. I am tired of making lemonade at this point. I am worn out by having to be on guard all the time. I am tired because the phone rings about five times a day and it’s these phony telemarketers selling me scam products. I’m tired because dudes beg money off of me lying and claiming it’s for food. Mostly it is not. I’m tired of the fake IRS claiming they are suing me. I’m tired of the junk mail because most offers are ripoffs. You call them. They do not call you. I even got junk mail from the client I used to work for. Now THAT I am sure is a ripoff since I heard the complaints from customers first-hand.

One day, I was at work and a customer had a lengthy complaint he dictated to me. So afterward, my supervisor RE-WROTE the entire thing because SHE did not approve of how I wrote it. I suppose she didn’t approve of my honesty. I said nothing. She changed the meaning of what the customer said, but I said nothing. You can’t talk back to a super, right? She “corrected” me. She did that kind of thing all the time, anything to make me look stupid.

Another time, she interrupted me right in the middle of a call just to fuck up the call. She asked me if I had asked certain questions. I had asked them. But while the call was live she made me repeat the questions (I was being monitored and if I skipped them, I’d be written up). Asking them twice made me look like a fool. She did not apologize.

I’m sure she just went up to the managers and told them she wanted me out of there, and they did just that. I was inconvenient. There was this other gal they favorited that I swear didn’t do any work at all….She yapped constantly, annoying the heck out of me, and didn’t seem to take calls very much. One day her yapping bugged me so much, I covered my ears in utter frustration.

I am trying to be positive but since my scam job ended I have been applying and all I see are other scams. It is so disheartening.

3 thoughts on “I have been bummed out”

  1. Dear Julie, I am sorry that things feel so bad to you. I wonder if you have ever tried Byron Katie and The Work, it is really different but gives you a whole new look on things. Not therapy, it just helps one think differently about what is possible and what is.



    Ps just google Byron Katie and you will find enough to get started. She is really amazing.

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