Here are my answers to NEDA’s NEDA Awareness Week Questions…..

Most unwanted comments about my appearance come from:
Doctors and other healthhcare professionals

When I check my social media feed, I see:
Political and social justice news commentary

I use food to:
Feed myself and my dog

I see people like me represented positively in the media:
Actually, people like me tend to be unemployed and get killed by the cops

What’s your biggest motivation to exercise?
To make it to the bus on time

How do you feel about your appearance today?
I don’t care. I can’t see myself. I’m blind.

Men struggle with body image and cultural ideals too.
Yes, and they make an issue over it, too.

I’ve made snarky comments about someone’s appearance.
No I haven’t because I can’t see anymore.

In an effort to change my body, I’ve tried:
I tried believing my psychiatrist, but when I realized that was a bad idea, I changed my mind.

Have you ever sacrificed____for your body/diet goals?
If I sacrificed my___, I would likely die. How about your ___?

Have a nice day, ya’alls….

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