Reflections on eating disorders

One of the best bits of advice I ever got was the following: “They’re not doing much research on older people because it’s not profitable. So your best bet is to just get better.”

I have observed that the reason you started The Diet very well may not be the same reason you sustained it. In fact, after a few years, the issues that originally caused you to go on a diet may have been forgotten. Or even resolved.

From what I have observed, some people are so desperate to get better they will do pretty much anything. This includes spending ridiculous amounts of money, paying gurus, going to expensive workshops, buying diet pills, mutilating their bodies with surgeries, going to shrinks, even getting themselves incarcerated in boot camps, rehabs, and “hospitals.”

The list is endless. People get married thinking that is the cure. They try the geographical cure. Take up smoking or drinking. Change their lifestyle or change jobs. Get rid of “toxic” friends they think are causing it. I can’t count the number of things I myself have tried. And I admit this. You can guess how many things it all added up to after three decades. Do you think I sat around trying NOTHING? C’mon………

ECT and lithium are on that list, folks. Yes it is a hefty price to pay.



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