Is religion really the Evil of the World?

Some people claim religion is the Evil of the World? Is this true? Some say it is anti-science and anti-logic. I think religion may have served a purpose originally and I am wondering if it still does.

Originally I am sure it was set up to get people to act okay. Telling people there was a God watching over them to make sure they  acted responsibly probably scared them into doing so. Now, though, we have police and governments doing this whether we like it or not. Do we really need an invisible god, or gods, parenting us, or perceived to do so? What are our choices?

Is it really either/or? Can we all act decently without Big Brother or a perceived God on High?

I ask is God only OUR perception after all…..The Holy Eye of the Beholder. And the Earth the Eye’s Pupil.

And what of I?

I think I’ll go feed Puzzle.

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