Fun facts

I think my naturopath is right. Too many beans will give you a tummy ache. However, sprouting  your beans turns them into plants, and then, they will not give you a tummy ache. Try it! I think he’s right! Dry beans are about the most economical food out there. They store very well and will save you money, too.  But don’t go overboard with them or you may be very very sorry.

Cabbage is also one of those inexpensive foods that will make you regret every minute you saved money if you eat too much! I have a head and a half of cabbage in the fridge I don’t dare touch! I am on CABBAGE DETOX for chissake. I only had a little bit but a little bit can make you very very sick. Keep me away from that stuff. I was so sick from eating budget food….Oh well. I think I won’t touch another bean nor cabbage for a long, long time.

This will not drive me to go out and buy expensive food. I will not go out and splurge on grass-fed anything, thank you. I don’t care how “natural” it is nor do I care if it is cage-free nor do I care if it roams on the prairie 6,000 miles away from where I live. If it costs $15 a pound, which corporation is pocketing my food stamps money? That’s YOUR tax dollars…..

I was researching “jobs” about a month ago and this one caught my eye. An “alternative energy” company that got bought out by Big Oil. Tooooo funny. Like the Western Medicine locked psych wards trying to teach their brand of yoga. Free your mind while in reality they keep you locked up.

Did you folks see Darby Penney’s article on Peer Support? Yes yes yes. Really that was quite comprehensive. Talk about co-opted! I am wondering what else will be co-opted….They could buy out every good idea we come up with.

They could buy out the “withdrawal” community, right? They could! They could co-opt the whole concept, get their own shrinks to sell their services and put people back on drugs, or diagnose them with “withdrawal syndrome” and put them on “withdrawal drugs.” New DSM diagnoses! We got a new patented drug for it! And of course it’s already a reason to stay sick and disabled anyway. Why shouldn’t psych take advantage of that and turn it into even more of a mental disorder. They could make THEIR “rehabs” for drugs…and just keep people in “withdrawal” forever.

Remember the “Clubhouse model”? Do they still have that? I remember after ECT I tried a clubhouse. I don’t know if the clubhouse still exists even. I recall how insulting the very word “clubhouse” was. I must have stayed less than a week. I remember I mentioned I wanted to go back to college and they looked at me like I was asking for filet mignon on a silver platter. “Excuse me? Today it is peanut butter and jelly or tuna. Which would you like?”

I remember out back the guys used to smoke like chimneys.

I gotta laugh.

And I gotta run. My boss is due to call.




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