Why does psychiatry target Jews?

I have been interested in this topic for a while. Does anyone have any leads on this? We know that Hitler’s right hand men were psychiatrists. We know that Hitler found psychiatry a useful tool for eugenics. We know that Jews were targeted all around the world by the Eugenics movement. Jews were encouraged to have fewer children, smaller families. Jewish women were sterilized after the birth of their first born. My grandmother was given a hysterectomy and later she discovered there was no medical reason for it. She was only allowed one child. And I suspect Antisemitism was at the root. The way to find out would be to figure out which hospital my father was born at, then, get the records. If they have them. They probably keep birth and death records forever, wouldn’t they? But I am not sure about “sterilization” records….

When I was a “guest” at Gould Farm (great euphemism!) we noticed so many of us were Jews. Why? Why were so many promising Jewish college students snatched up from our lives and put on disability? That’s exactly what the Farm did. Very few made it off disability after that. They literally destroyed Jewish lives and took Jewish money as payment. What the fuck? And for that, we worked six hours a day, five days a week and were not paid. The work was grueling. Stuff like shoveling snow or even shoveling cow dung. NOT PAID. Put on disability, the majority of us. And I’d say 90% of us were Jewish. What was going on? My parents paid 50 dollars a day for that. For that, I was given the diagnosis of schizophrenia, and there was no evidence for that, none necessary. A doctor’s word. The doctor was found practicing without a license.

Why are so many Jewish kids taken? Has there been any data on this?

Note: In Bonnie Burstow’s new novel, The Other Mrs. Smith, which is out now in the USA, you will note that Naomi, the main character, is Jewish. The Jewish theme is key here in this novel. In a recent interview I heard Dr. Burstow say that women are much worse damaged by shock than men are. This is a statistical fact. However, I happen to know a number of men who experienced terrible damage from ECT also….ECT is barbaric and should be stopped. The fact that ECT is harmful is not even debatable, not an opinion. It is a fact.

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    1. I think in some locales, certain groups might be more lucrative, or easier targets. For instance, years ago there was no money in ED. You couldn’t get a doc to listen or believe you or take you seriously. Then the market soared and now of course they’re pushing for “screening.” You mention you stepped on the scale this morning and by 3pm you’re locked up with 15-year-old’s and they won’t let you pee.

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