What causes a psychiatric diagnosis?

Why do these things run in families? Why do these “diagnoses” seem to strike particular types of people and is this really true?

You can only get a diagnosis one way and one way only. By seeing a mental health professional. That’s it.

How does a person end up seeing an MH professional? There are two ways. Voluntarily, and involuntarily.

In my opinion, young people that end up in the shrink’s office more tend to be those that take up unusual or offbeat topics in school. We make good candidates! For instance, a girl who is good at computers, a boy who likes to knit or sew, a girl who plays basketball or hockey, a girl who excels at math, or a kid like me who was the only girl in music composition class. A man who took up nursing because he heard there was a shortage of nurses and it might make good money. The kid obsessed about etymology or collects postage stamps or is really good at Lego. Psychiatry snatches us up real fast. We’re good guinea pigs for sure. And that is how we get labeled. And why.

Not that there’s anything wrong with us! We chose the unbeaten path. We dared to be different. Well? Keep on that path! Why not? Just don’t veer off into the shrink’s office! Keep on keeping on, proud oddballs……

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  1. I don’t think there’s a deliberate, conscious conspiracy. But organized psychiatry’s doing an excellent job of enforcing conformity by drugging and segregating everyone who thinks differently from the flock. I got flack for reading too much, not liking TV, and discussing complex philosophical topics in Adult Kindergarten aka “Day Treatment.”

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