Check out this obituary. May we all grow old like this!

I love this obituary. Do we all know an elder who sees “help” as a four-letter word? Why? Because as soon as you accept the “help” you lose your independence. You lose your ability to take care of yourself because now, the State does it for you. They take away your privacy. They take all your rights. They even take the one thing you have, your home….And of course, they take ALL YOUR MONEY. And even your kids’ money. This elder person, who lived to be 100, apparently was well aware of the facts.

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  1. link works – interesting. I have an aunt who is almost 104 – lives on her own – 4 storey walk-up in Tartu Estonia. Vision has deteriorated. Hearing fine. Mentally brilliant. Phenomenal memory. Taught English and German until she was 85. Shops at markets, goes to concerts every week, also goes to church (she’s the only religious person in our entire extended family). She never married, has no children, but is loved by many young people who visit her regularly. Recently told one of my cousins it was not necessary to call her so frequently. A man I’ve known since I was 9 is now 102 – has never taken a pharmaceutical in his life. He’s ready to go. He’s in a nursing home – lived on his own until a few years ago – has two daughters and several grandchildren and great grand children. Quite deaf, vision reasonable, mentally clear.

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