A Call for Regulation of the Psychotherapy Industry

As a patient who was abused by her therapist I am asking for tighter regulations of the therapy industry. I am asking for all allegations of patient abuse to be taken seriously and investigated, regardless of the number of times the patient has complained and regardless of the diagnosis of the patient.

Abuse can happen so easily in the therapy setting since usually there are no witnesses and the ironically, the therapist is protected by HIPAA. Complaint boards should be set up in every state and patients should hold seats on this board. The board should be totally independent, not representing the state nor any hospital nor special interest, but the interests of patients and the public at large, to protect from any further harm.

Abuse might include threats, misrepresentation of services, inappropriate accusations, improper use of sectioning, gross disrespect, sexual misconduct, boundary violations, gaslighting, verbal abuse, inappropriate drugging, and more.

If such abuse does not result in a lawsuit and resignation of license, then I feel the college or university that initially gave the degree to the clinician should be contacted by the committee. The committee should demand that the college withdraw the degree and licensure so that the clinician is no longer able to practice therapy. This should happen in every state and for all instances of patient abuse. These committees should only pursue serious cases, but as we know, abuse runs rampant in the industry.

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