Toastmasters International Speech Contest

I am participating in the Toastmasters International Speech Contest for the first time. Last year I didn’t qualify since I hadn’t been in the club long enough. This year I hope to make it to the District level. Well, maybe I will. We have different levels. Club, Area, District. And some other levels I am not sure of. We’re having our club contest early in March and I don’t know if anyone else has signed up. Then the area contest, that, I think, is in April. The District is very large. We include Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or part of it, and maybe Maryland. Maybe part of Ohio, too.  I guess the Ohio River Valley area. Our part. Where I live. I think Erie too, but no further north than that. Of course you get to the Great Lakes if you go further north anyway. And New York and Buffalo. So all that is District 13. Pittsburgh is split up into four parts, A, B, C, D. Don’t ask me to explain. I hope to make it to the District 13 contest, but I don’t know where that will be held. Maybe I am setting my hopes too high.

Last time I did my speech I recorded it but it didn’t record properly. That was too bad. You guys missed a darned good speech. Yes I am getting good. And I am proud of myself.

We will have an the Area contest in April, which I will compete in if I win the Club contest.  The good thing about making it to the Internationals is that these are highly publicized. Which is good for antipsychiatry if you know what I mean.  Any time an ex-patient succeeds at anything major, it is a big win for all of us, as I figure. Yes these do go up on YouTube, too.

Keep on keeping on, folks.

2 thoughts on “Toastmasters International Speech Contest”

  1. you are not setting your hopes too high – my husband always says: ‘To ask for less is laziness.’ And, by the way, Puzzle is adorable. And all the best.

    1. I keep telling myself she needs a haircut, but since it’s winter and she’s not complaining, I am waiting on it. I don’t want to wait too long though. Her coat is combination wiry and curly. Sometimes one or the other dominates, or the apricot comes through so she looks much less white. Often after a cut, her color is totally different, especially right at her shoulders.

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