Character flaws

Are our flaws really that terrible that we have to rid ourselves of them right away? As a writer I wonder about this, since characters are loved for their flaws even more than their strengths.

We love Charlie Brown every single time he screws up. Would we still love Linus if he started attending a 12-step group for his blanket addiction? I think we’d get tired of that fast. What about Lucy? She is perfectly conceited. And Pig Pen? He would be boring if he got diagnosed and “treated.”

Please, please, pile on the flaws! Gimme more than I can handle! I want a gallon of flaws. Run them off on the mimeograph machine so there will be enough for all of  you.

To all diagnosees: Beware the response

This is what I think is coming next. And we all should be on guard.

Increased “screening” for supposed mental illness. This is going to be far-reaching. They will screen in the workplaces, in the military, in the schools, and even when you apply for unemployment. I think they’ll even screen when you apply and re-apply for a driver’s license. Screening as prerequisite to college admission. Private clubs will be able to screen for any diagnosis and will be able to ban any diagnosee.  You will have to carry an ID card saying you have a diagnosis if you are caught with one. This will be branded onto your driver’s license and your Social Security card. Passport applicants with a diagnosis will be either denied passports or will have stringent limitations.

Widespread mass paranoia about “mental illness” will ensue. Widespread locking up of anyone with a diagnosis or anyone assumed MI. Neighbors will report neighbors, brothers will turn against brothers.

Mass hatred of the elderly and hatred of teens will worsen as more and more “demented” and “adolescents” (who are totally normal) are imprisoned and killed, seen as diseased.

The underground railroad will soon be in full force, to ensure safety and escape for those that could potentially be affected. Those that work for the Railroad would include undercover diagnosees and sympathizers. During the Nazi Holocaust such amazing people were called Holocaust Rescuers.

There will be a bloodbath, many will be imprisoned and die in horrible conditions in the name of “security” or “safety” for those that consider themselves “normal.”

The eye of the beholder is dripping with hatred and loathing for anything different. We live in a society that is paranoid of going crazy, and yet, it already is. A vicious snake eating itself.

Something tells me they’ve already picked up their forks, and started digging in while we were looking elsewhere.


But I want to know…Was Jeffrey Yao harmed by psychiatry prior to becoming violent?

I have very little access to the Boston Globe because I refuse to subscribe. I did, however, read this article on Jeffrey Yao.

I also read all the comments that I could access. My late boyfriend grew up in the town of Winchester. His family owned a house there and stayed there and was still there when I left the country in 2014. I don’t know if they still own the big house in that town. I’m sure Joe knew the library in town and was familiar with the renovations. In Massachusetts, many libraries got renovated thanks to state aid. My library in Watertown also got a terrific facelift.

Where I live now we have security guards at the libraries. I don’t know if all of the branches have guards, but I know the one at the North Side in Pittsburgh ALWAYS has one there. (Incidentally, about six months ago they started opening on Sundays!). I would agree with the article and commentary that libraries give you the feeling of safety. In Uruguay there were no public libraries and if you weren’t rich you had no way of getting away from the constant noise during tourist season. This was a serious issue for me and was a factor in my decision to return to the States. I just couldn’t stand the motorcycles, boom boxes, firecrackers, and bar noise. I was dying for quiet!

Anyway, it is much more quiet here in the States and after that…which was truly traumatic for me, I cannot stand noise at all. A library is heaven for me. So I see what the commenters are saying about the safe feeling of a library.

Not one mentioned the possibility of psych drugs inducing odd behavior. Not one. Were the comments taken down? Has any evidence of Yao’s history with psychiatry been uncovered (and then, quickly covered up). Apparently he slashed tires in town. Check the commentary. The commenter says that if he had a knife that could slash tires, then he had a decent sharp knife that someone should have been concerned about. Good point, eh? But…Had he visited a shrink and had he been drugged? Had he been traumatized by lockup? Had he been harmed in therapy? It is going to take a while to uncover this stuff but I am sure that he got “help.” Help that actually hurt very very badly.

Maybe a fellow patient will come forward. But…the silence is deafening, is it not?


Organic meat: is it really organic?

I was at Walmart yesterday at the meat section. Sometimes I purchase large bags of chicken for Puzzle there. They have a handy 10-lb bag of fresh chicken quarters that sells for a bargain. I cannot recall the exact price but I believe the whole bag sells for around $7. It is fully sealed, so I just pop it into my knapsack after purchasing it, bring it home, then, after I get home on the bus, I divide it up and freeze it as separate packages.

I rarely buy meat for me. On occasion I have purchased organic chicken. Yesterday I was thinking of buying some. Another customer was looking at the packages, reading the labels right beside me. She muttered under her breath that every single one contained a ridiculous amount of sodium! Say what! I told her that I, too, was concerned about sodium, and that I avoided breaded and seasoned meats for that reason. However, she said that even the plain, unadulterated “organic” meats contained added sodium because, she explained, “They use tenderizers they don’t list on the label.”

I started reading every label on every package of “organic” chicken. Yup. Every package has been pre-adulterated. I don’t think the chicken, by itself, contains 130mg sodium per portion, but that is exactly what it says on the label! I think she is right! Organic? Okay, they salted it with “organic” salt, right? How organic is organic?

That I know of (this verified by someone who works at the local health food store) the organic seal is paid for by the farmers or by the company the packages the food. Smaller farmers, she says, can’t afford the fancy “organic” label and so they don’t pay for it, but they might still be selling organic food. The best way to know is to purchase from a farmer you know and trust. Or grow food yourself.

Is “organic” becoming an economic issue? A status issue even? Is it like the BBB, which gives an A to businesses that pay dues to the BBB?

A serving of chicken should contain about 60 mg of sodium on its own, certainly no more, and it does also contain potassium. Looks like the FDA has allowed food companies to pump up meats with broth, making them weigh more. So they make more money. This SHOULD be notated on the label. I have see some labels mention “broth” and I stay away. I will not purchase broth-meat for Puzzle either. If it contains “batter” I run even faster away. The package I buy for Puzzle says “meat” only. But who knows……Can we trust anything at all?

Is the FDA really looking out for our health? Or, is it looking out for the pocketbooks of Big Ag? (I’m told that if I use terms such as Big Ag and Big Pharma I might come off as a little big wacko. But I am.)

Can we trust ANY food? Maybe we should just not eat anymore. Go off into cabins in the woods somewhere and pray to our dogs all day. Will that work?

I have been bummed out

I think it has been about two weeks now that I have been in a very bad funk. I’m trying to snap out of it.  Finding out that my job was a scam was not very good for my morale. I am trying to “think positive” but honestly in my opinion “thinking positive” is overrated. I am tired of making lemonade at this point. I am worn out by having to be on guard all the time. I am tired because the phone rings about five times a day and it’s these phony telemarketers selling me scam products. I’m tired because dudes beg money off of me lying and claiming it’s for food. Mostly it is not. I’m tired of the fake IRS claiming they are suing me. I’m tired of the junk mail because most offers are ripoffs. You call them. They do not call you. I even got junk mail from the client I used to work for. Now THAT I am sure is a ripoff since I heard the complaints from customers first-hand.

One day, I was at work and a customer had a lengthy complaint he dictated to me. So afterward, my supervisor RE-WROTE the entire thing because SHE did not approve of how I wrote it. I suppose she didn’t approve of my honesty. I said nothing. She changed the meaning of what the customer said, but I said nothing. You can’t talk back to a super, right? She “corrected” me. She did that kind of thing all the time, anything to make me look stupid.

Another time, she interrupted me right in the middle of a call just to fuck up the call. She asked me if I had asked certain questions. I had asked them. But while the call was live she made me repeat the questions (I was being monitored and if I skipped them, I’d be written up). Asking them twice made me look like a fool. She did not apologize.

I’m sure she just went up to the managers and told them she wanted me out of there, and they did just that. I was inconvenient. There was this other gal they favorited that I swear didn’t do any work at all….She yapped constantly, annoying the heck out of me, and didn’t seem to take calls very much. One day her yapping bugged me so much, I covered my ears in utter frustration.

I am trying to be positive but since my scam job ended I have been applying and all I see are other scams. It is so disheartening.

My review of Ziprecruiter, venue for job-seekers

There are many job-seeking venues out there, including Glassdoor and Indeed. Many local newspapers now have their online versions and have listings. Ziprecruiter has an easy-to-use interface for job-seekers that offers “one-click apply.” However, they do not guarantee that the jobs are legitimate.

What does this mean? If you get yourself an account and do a search, you’ll be bombarded with scams. As far as I can tell, anyone can create a fake job on there and recruit suckers.

Any job that is vague about what employees will be doing on the job or is deceptive about pay rate or refuse to be upfront about it at the interview is a scam. Yes, there are gray areas, so many that workplaces get away with crossing them regularly.

In my opinion, if a job is posted as “bachelor’s degree preferred” (just to impress job-seekers) and then after they hire, the employee discovers it is door-to-door sales, it is a scam.

Most of what I see on Ziprecruiter are scam jobs. Some of these companies post multiple listings in different locales around here and even go by different, but similar-sounding company names! I am trying to delete these jobs off my page but more and more pop up. A bot named “Phil” keeps sending me more and more of these offerings.

Among the scams are occasional real companies. I think Ziprecruiter steals the listings from other sites, actually, and re-posts them.

In my opinion, being bombarded with scams is very bad for one’s overall morale. I am dealing with this on a daily basis, not just because of Ziprecruiter but calls from telemarketers from overseas, from fake techies telling me my “Windows computer is hacked,” from fake IRS people telling me the IRS is suing me (oh please)….And those vacations in Disneyland I just won……

When will it end? Is there a “Do Not Scam” list? Can I get on it, please?

And how about those “nice” friends who turn out to be not very nice? Can I get on a list for that, too? Is there a “Do Not Bully” list? Is there a “Do Not Turn On Me” list?

Please please please put me on that list. Bump me up to the top for a while and let me bask in it.

Are you tired of mean people?Are you tired of rudeness?  Are you tired of those doors that slam shut? Do you just want to be given a chance at life?

Put me on the list, please…..And don’t sign up for Ziprecruiter unless you want to get seriously bummed out.

Here are my answers to NEDA’s NEDA Awareness Week Questions…..

Most unwanted comments about my appearance come from:
Doctors and other healthhcare professionals

When I check my social media feed, I see:
Political and social justice news commentary

I use food to:
Feed myself and my dog

I see people like me represented positively in the media:
Actually, people like me tend to be unemployed and get killed by the cops

What’s your biggest motivation to exercise?
To make it to the bus on time

How do you feel about your appearance today?
I don’t care. I can’t see myself. I’m blind.

Men struggle with body image and cultural ideals too.
Yes, and they make an issue over it, too.

I’ve made snarky comments about someone’s appearance.
No I haven’t because I can’t see anymore.

In an effort to change my body, I’ve tried:
I tried believing my psychiatrist, but when I realized that was a bad idea, I changed my mind.

Have you ever sacrificed____for your body/diet goals?
If I sacrificed my___, I would likely die. How about your ___?

Have a nice day, ya’alls….