Woken by a funny dream

I went to take a nap, realizing that I was tired. Puzzle came to sleep with me. I told myself I was way too tired since last night I’d stayed up late searching for my cell phone. I really thought I’d gotten off the bus without it. Had I truly done so it would have been a rarity, as i don’t tend to truly lose my cell. I had put it on my table and then, put my bright red sweater somewhat over it, which is why I couldn’t see it for about a half hour. Also, I had silenced it, so when I tried calling it I couldn’t hear the ringer. I did find it, but the whole to-do caused me to stay up way too late. I got up at 5 this morning…actually 5:11 because I dislike my digital alarm clock so I don’t use it and my analogue one is off a little. A lot.

Still, even those 11 minutes weren’t generous enough. I lay down a bit ago. I don’t often nap but given that today is DAY OFF, I did. Me and Puzzle both. As I do not sleep without Puzzle.

I think I was asleep maybe ten minutes and suddenly I awoke telling myself, “Oh my god, I’ve overslept and I gotta run to work!”

No I don’t. I didn’t oversleep. I am not working today and it’s mid-morning.

Still, i found it amusing to wake up with that thought. I love having these normal days. At least I wasn’t woken by “checks.”

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